CAIA Association Creates Virtual Chapter for Global Reach

CAIA Association Creates Virtual Chapter for Global ReachThe Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association has expanded its global leadership in alternative investment education with the launch of its first Virtual Chapter. The CAIA Virtual Chapter will offer alternative investment education to CAIA members located in areas without a nearby physical chapter. The Virtual Chapter will also include in-person meetings around the world, as well as online educational events and an online community for networking between members.

CAIA Designation

Investment professionals receive the designation as Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts and become members of the CAIA Association upon completing a “rigorous” two-part exam series and relevant work experience. The CAIA charter is internationally recognized within the investment industry.

“CAIA’s 7,300 members come from more than 80 countries, and a robust network of 20 Chapters around the world. However, that still left thousands of our members without a local Chapter to call their own,” said William J. Kelly, CEO of CAIA. “Technology allows us to bridge those gaps with a ‘Virtual Chapter,’ which immediately becomes our largest Chapter in terms of members. This is a unique approach for associations that we feel will bring value to our Members globally.”

Inaugural Event

The Inaugural event of the CAIA Virtual Chapter will be an interactive educational session focused on the topic of Investment Practices of Sovereign Wealth Funds. What does oil-rich Norway have in common with forex-funded China? Keith Black, head of the Virtual Chapter and host of its inaugural event, will explain. “Our first event will explore how sovereign wealth funds allocate assets to alternative investments and how this impacts the future of our industry,” Dr. Black said. Participants will also have a chance to ask questions before and during the event.

The Virtual Chapter is the 21st global chapter of the CAIA Association, which has been growing quickly since it first opened its doors in 2002. Today the CAIA Association sponsors more than 120 educational and networking events each year. At the time of its launch, the Virtual Chapter had nearly 2,200 members, making it one of the largest chapters of the CAIA Association.

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