Mid-Week Reading: Private Equity Fees, Commodity Hedge Funds, and More…

Mid Week ReadingKeeping the mid-week reading a bit shorter on this Wednesday before Christmas, but none the less, the presses keep rolling and interesting articles abound. This week: Fees for hedge funds are falling, researchers are shining a light on private equity fees, Vanguard opines on smart beta and alternative funds, and assets at commodity hedge funds have declined by 80% since 2008 (yes, 80%).

Have a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday Season!

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  • Advisers Need To Understand The Alternatives Space (LJM Funds) – “…one of the most important factors to learn first about alternatives is that historical averages are less of a future indicator of performance success.” Obviously, that is not the whole story, and please do read important disclosures!
  • What’s Holding the Economy Back, in Five Charts (American Institute for Economic Research) – “Any individual indicator can show a very strong reading or a very weak reading for any one month. This is a nice comprehensive way to look at it…”

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