A New Wealth Management Model for RIAs With Paul Coan

Strategic Investor Radio Charley WrightIn this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, host Charley Wright interviews Paul Coan of Ploutos Wealth. Named for the Greek god of wealth and abundance, Indianapolis-based Ploutos develops and manages strategies for advisors to use in managing their clients’ assets. The firm currently offers eight portfolios, all in the alternatives space.

Paul Coan Ploutos Wealth
Paul Coan, Managing Partner of Ploutos Wealth

Coan began his investment-industry career with a mutual-fund company around twenty years ago. From there, he moved to a large and well-known wire house, where he was tapped for a “family office task force.” The firm ultimately decided not to pursue family office business, but Coan says once he saw the “magic” of the family office model, he “couldn’t go back to pitching mutual funds and stocks.” Coan spun out and started his own RIA firm, and then founded Ploutos in 2011 to “give back” to financial advisors who “weren’t as lucky” as he was in discovering the family office model.

Ploutos differentiates itself from the competition by offering its services on a flat-fee subscription basis. The firm doesn’t take custody of assets and there are no minimums – this “turns the sub-advisory model upside down,” according to Coan.  When trades are identified, Ploutos sends alerts to subscribers, who are mostly advisors but also include a few “DIYers.” Coan also notes that seven of Ploutos’s eight portfolios are ETF-based, and that almost every recommended ETF is on a non-commissionable trade list – thus, there’s no “churning effect.”

When asked what keeps him up at night, Coan says “I can’t figure out the Federal Reserve.” Charley invites anyone who can to come on the show.

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