Altegris Appoints New Executive Chairman

On June 30, Altegris announced the appointment of Marty Beaulieu as its new Executive Chairman. In this role, Mr. Beaulieu will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Altegris and the firm’s corporate strategy. This will free up CEO and Chief Investment Strategist Jack Rivkin to focus on the markets, product development, and identifying investment themes for the firm’s clients.

“Marty has a track record of exceptional leadership, a breadth of product knowledge and a deep understanding of Altegris’ distribution channels,” said Mr. Rivkin, in a recent statement announcing Mr. Beaulieu’s appointment. “We are excited to have Marty on board. It’s a great step for Altegris.”

Marty Beaulieu altegris
Marty Beaulie, Executive Chairman, Altegris

Mr. Beaulieu has “been on board” in a lesser capacity since March, when he joined Altegris’s board of directors. His prior roles have included Vice Chairman of MFS Investment Management, CEO of MFS/McLean Budden, and most recently Head of Retail iShares U.S. at BlackRock. In all, Mr. Beaulieu has more than three decades of investment-industry experience.

Mark Casady, Chairman and CEO of LPL Financial – one of Altegris’s clients – said this of Beaulieu’s appointment: “In this uncertain investment climate, Altegris has continued to provide diversifying investment solutions to its clients, including LPL. Knowing Marty and Altegris as I do, I believe that their joining forces will only enhance the value Altegris provides to its clients.”

According to the press release, Beaulieu’s appointment as Executive Chairman “further solidifies” Altegris’s efforts to “leverage its deep understanding of the financial markets to provide a range of sophisticated investment solutions to its clients.”

San Diego-based Altegris is an investment research firm with “deep expertise” in alternative manager selection, structuring unique solutions, and providing portfolio management and oversight. The firm’s tagline is “100% alternatives, 100% of the time.”

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Jason Seagraves contributed to this article.

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