Altegris Ramps up Marketing of Alternatives with New Hire

Katherine Paulson - Altegris
Katherine Paulson, Marketing and Communications Director for Altegris

Altegris has named Katherine Paulson its Marketing and Communications Director. Ms. Paulson previously served 11 years as Director of Marketing and Communications at MetLife, and prior to that, she worked for eight years at Jackson National Life Distributors.

Ms. Paulson’s expertise is in digital marketing strategies. While at MetLife, she led major digital and print campaigns that helped grow the firm’s U.S. retail variable annuity sales from $6 billion to $28 billion. At Altegris, she will work with the business-development and investor-relation teams, and she’ll have overall responsibility for the firm’s marketing and communications.

Altegris is one of the leading research and investment groups focused entirely on alternative investments – even the name “Altegris” is an amalgam of “alternatives” and “integrity.” As of March 31, 2014, Altegris had $2.43 billion in assets under management. The firm’s operations encompass a wide variety of alternative strategies, including event-driven, global macro, long/short equity, managed futures, and more.

In her new role at Altegris, Katherine Paulson will be marketing the firm’s alternative investment products and services to individual investors, institutions, and financial professionals. Alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular, and firms like Altegris are meeting the demands of the investment public. “As more advisors and investors seek out alternative investments to provide income and diversification, we are expanding our suite of products to meet the needs of a wider variety of individual investors,” said Altegris CEO Jon Sundt in a statement issued by Altegris regarding Ms. Paulson’s new position.

In September, Altegris was acquired by a pair of private equity firms, Aquiline Capital Partners and Genstar Capital Management. Three months later, Altegris made a high-profile hire when it added Wall Street veteran Jack Rivkin as its Chief Investment Officer. Ms. Paulson’s new position can be considered an extension of this growth strategy. With interest in alternatives continuing to expand, Ms. Paulson says her job will be “educating investors about the potential benefits of alternative products.”

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