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With global hedge fund assets at roughly $3.45 trillion (and growing by double-digit percentages each year), money managers have a greater influence on public and private markets than ever before. DailyAlts covers every element of the hedge fund industry – from changing performance structures to manager strategies, from regulatory oversight to activist holdings, and from new fund launches to the liquidation of underperformers. This channel is your one-stop-shop for daily news and insights for the influential and topical hedge fund space.

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Pierre Andurand and His Hedge Fund Struggle in January

Pierre Andurand and his hedge fund had a tough start to the year. Andurand Capital Management shed 8% last month due to the slump in oil-and-gas commodities, according to a report from the Financial Times. Last month, crude oil temporarily rallied after the U.S. and Iran appeared on a path toward war. However, once tensions died and concerns about coronavirus and global growth emerged, crude prices went in reverse. 

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Hoplite Capital to Shut Its Doors After 16 Years
August 8, 2019

The announcement came in a letter to shareholders after lackluster returns. John Lykouretzos will shutter Hoplite Capital and return capital to investors. The hedge fund manager addressed his decision in…

Managed Futures Funds: These Mega Bulls Could Trigger the Next Big Sell-Off
August 7, 2019

Here’s a toxic mix of factors that could trigger a self-sustaining downturn in already top-heavy markets. Trade war machinations, a bull run in stocks that is long in the tooth…

Ray Dalio: Bet Both Sides of the Sino-U.S. Trade War
August 7, 2019

The Bridgewater founder told investors in an interview to bet on “both horses in the race” as global tensions heighten. Ray Dalio, the outspoken founder of Bridgewater Associates, told investors…

Bill Ackman Ditches Stakes in United Technologies, ADP
August 7, 2019

Activist manager Bill Ackman walks away from two positions. Pershing Square Capital Management chief Bill Ackman is out of United Technologies (NYSE: UTX). The outspoken activist manager chose to drop…

Alleged Hedge Fund Fraud Links Lewitt, Biden’s Brother
August 6, 2019

Two healthcare companies are suing a hedge fund manager and James Biden Accusations of hedge fund fraud are back in the headlines. A hedge fund manager and the brother of…

Hedge fund Fees: Element Capital Eyes 40%
August 1, 2019

Hedge fund star Jeffrey Talpins is bumping up the performance fee at his Element Capital hedge fund from the already pricey 25% to 40%. However, the fund will cut its…

Equinox Energy Fund Implodes After Dismal Performance
July 28, 2019

Equinox Energy Fund closes after losing 85% In a letter to investors, Equinox fund manager Sean Fieler attributes the losses to lousy stock picking and bear markets in E&P companies,…

Maarten Petermann to launch $500 million special situations fund
July 26, 2019

Petermann’s last-held position at JPM, that of European head of special situations, should be valuable experience when he runs his proposed Merlyn Advisors fund. Merlyn is targeting $500 million in…

LSE snaps up Refinitiv for $27 billion
July 25, 2019

LSE shares surge higher on news of the deal; erstwhile Refinitiv owners will own 37% of LSE The three-hundred-year-old London Stock Exchange Group made a massive bid to extend its…

7IM: Dramatic rise in demand for sustainable and ESG strategies
July 25, 2019

Seven Investment Management’s Sustainable Balance Fund notches up £100 million AUM 7IM’s Sustainable Balance Fund, which garnered AUM of £100 million by this week, invests in a portfolio structured around…

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