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Liquid Alternative investments have emerged over the past decade as one of the fastest-growing areas within asset management. As pensions, endowments, foundations and other institutional investors have long benefited from Alternative Investments within their portfolios, Liquid Alternatives enable investors to have access to alternative investment strategies in fund structures that provide daily liquidity, full transparency, low investment minimums and other key attributes for investors. DailyAlts is your source for the most up-to-the-minute news, commentary and analysis on the global market for Liquid Alternatives.

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Liquid Alternatives: RIP 60:40. Liquid Alts Solve the New Equation

Volatile equity markets and declining fixed income yields have turned the traditional 60:40 portfolio allocation between stocks and bonds on its head. According to one study, an investor would today need to allocate 83% to equity, 15% to real estate, and only 2% to bonds to earn a similar rate of return as a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, such a high component of equity would push up the portfolio’s volatility and risk to unacceptable levels. Liquid alts can be the solution to this dilemma.

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Liquid Alternatives: Bank of Japan Beefs Up ETF Purchase Strategy; You Could Too
March 18, 2020

The Japanese central bank took a slew of monetary steps in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. At an emergency meeting, Monday the Bank of Japan kept interest rates unchanged…
Liquid Alternatives: Despite Meltdown, YTD Net Inflows to Global ETFs/ETPs Are Higher Than Last Year
March 17, 2020

Year to date net inflows into global ETFs/ETPs as at end February’20 are USD 98.68 billion, versus USD 61.57 billion as of end February’19. ETFs and ETPs listed globally gathered…
Liquid Alternatives: The Black Swan ETF, Holding Up as It was Meant To
March 16, 2020

By every definition, the coronavirus pandemic is a ‘black swan’ event, one that is unpredictable or unforeseen but with extreme consequences. The Amplify Black Swan Growth & Treasury Core ETF…
Liquid Alternatives: Emerging Market Economies (And ETFs) To Benefit From The Oil Crash
March 13, 2020

One man’s meat is another man’s poison goes the saying. While oil-producing countries and US-listed oil companies have borne the brunt of the massive slide in crude oil prices recently,…
Liquid Alternatives: What the Proposed New Regulations on Leveraged ETFs Mean for Investors
March 12, 2020

The SEC’s proposed regulations have triggered widespread opposition, particularly those relating to leveraged (geared) ETFs. The public has until March 24, 2020, to submit its comments on the proposals.
Liquid Alternatives: The HDIV ETF – Artificial Intelligence Picks High Dividend Stocks With Upside
March 11, 2020

Qraft Technologies, a South Korean artificial intelligence firm, just launched its third ETF in the US. The Qraft AI Enhanced US High Dividend ETF (HDIV) targets high dividend US stocks…
Liquid Alts: IMF Warns About ETF Liquidation
March 11, 2020

Call it the great bust of passive investing? The IMF warned Wednesday that regulators and authorities need to start watching asset managers and ETFs over the threat that they could…
Liquid Alternatives: ETFs to Trade Market Volatility
March 10, 2020

Investors can use these ETFs to trade VIX, the “fear gauge” of the market. Savvy investors can take advantage of market panics that stem from black swan events like the…
Liquid Alternatives: NUSI – A Safe-Haven ETF for Risk Managed Income
March 9, 2020

Nationwide’s recently launched Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF (NYSEARCA: NUSI) helps investors find safe-haven fixed-income assets in the face of steadily declining Treasury yields. In the relentless rush to earn yield,…
Liquid Alternatives: Oil Demand to Plummet; ETFs Likely to Take it on the Chin
March 9, 2020

The coronavirus has hobbled travel, supply chains, and global economic growth forecasts. Crude oil will pay the price. Norway’s biggest independent energy consultancy Rystad Energy predicted on Thursday that The…

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