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Artificial Intelligence: Marty the Robot Hunts for Spills in Supermarket Aisles

Marty the supermarket robot is rather smart. Armed with three high-resolution cameras, computer vision, navigation systems, numerous sensors, and smart AI software, Marty is able to sidestep shoppers and pinpoint spills. Marty is a social robot and the first of its kind to be deployed in a live customer environment in supermarkets.

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Artificial Intelligence: Self-driving Vehicles – the Ace up Tesla’s Sleeve
April 23, 2020

Tesla’s major advantage over other self-driving vehicles is hiding in plain sight (pardon the pun). Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) uses a vision-based approach that combines its cars’ suite of cameras and…
Liquid Alternatives: Retail Investors Burn Their Fingers in the USO ETF
April 23, 2020

Most thought the ETF invested in spot oil, while it bought oil futures and rolled them over. And therein lies the difference, or for a lot of chagrined retail oil…
The DailyAlts Playbook: Peloton Purchases, Elliott Fines in France, Negative $100 Oil, and Blackstone’s Real Estate Portfolio.
April 23, 2020

THE DAILYALTS PLAYBOOK April 23, 2020 The DailyAlts Playbook: Peloton Purchases, Elliott Fines in France, Negative $100 Oil, and Blackstone’s Real Estate Portfolio. PRIME OVERVIEW Good morning, It’s Christmas here…
Private Equity: Blackstone Reports First Quarter Earnings Before the Bell
April 23, 2020

Blackstone earnings (NYSE:BX) arrived before the bell Thursday. While the private equity firm fell short of analyst expectations, the firm still managed to generate significant cash flows in the quarter….
Alternative Investments: Bank of America Says Gold Will Hit $3,000
April 22, 2020

The Federal Reserve will drive gold prices to $3,000. That’s a prediction by Bank of America this week. In a report titled, “The Fed Can’t Print Gold,” the bank sees…
Private Equity: Where Oil Specialty Funds Go Next
April 22, 2020

Although oil prices have risen today, the price of oil remains at historically low-price levels. This is an opportunity for deep-pocketed private equity firms that own a diversified portfolio of…
ESG: Black Rock Raises Concerns About Sustainability Commitments
April 22, 2020

BlackRock will place greater emphasis on climate issues moving forward. The alternative assets manager worries that firms will stop prioritizing climate and sustainability issues in the face of COVID-19. A…
Private Equity: Deal News on Victoria’s Secret, Expedia, and Norwegian Cruise Lines
April 22, 2020

Victoria’s Secret had a new majority owner in Sycamore Partners. However, the private equity firm is trying to walk away. As a result, shares of L Brands (NYSE:LB) – the…
Digital Assets: The Winklevoss-owned Gemini Exchange Gets Security Certification
April 22, 2020

The Winklevoss Brothers’ Gemini Custody and Exchange announced that it successfully completed the AICPA’s SOC 1 Type 1 examination, which covers the financial operations and customer reporting controls of the…

Liquid Alternatives: Uranium on a Roll as Supplies Taper; ETFs Trend Higher
April 22, 2020

Uranium, the radioactive metal used to power nuclear power plants, has gained 31% this year. Its price has shot up because coronavirus lockdowns have forced producers to idle mining operations….

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