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Global private equity firms are sitting on more than $2.1 trillion in “Dry Powder.” Their investment decisions and purchasing power will shape the public and private investment markets in ways that shape the future of the global economy. DailyAlts provides constant updates and insights on deal-making, regulatory shifts, global capital flows, and more.

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Private Credit: Coronavirus to Shift Market in Profound Ways

Private credit has been one of the fastest-growing areas of the credit market since the great credit crisis ended a decade ago. As banks stepped back from small and mid-market lending, especially in riskier areas like expansion and takeovers, funds sprang up to fill the void for a price. Institutions pensions placed enormous sums of money in private credit vehicles to capture higher yield as interest rates on other fixed-income investments declined steadily. The private credit markets have grown from just $237 billion in assets in 2008 to an estimated $812 billion today. That’s a growth rate of almost 12%. Some estimates say that 70% of small to midsize businesses are at least partially financed by private credit funds. Private Credit and Coronavirus Coronavirus will challenge and could reverse the rapid growth of private credit. It is going to be a lot harder to raise money in the private credit business until we know the full impact on the economy and financial markets. There is a real chance that pension funds, one of the biggest investors in private credit, will have to add to their equity portfolios. A significant market decline could trigger an asset allocation shift towards stocks. That…

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Private Credit: Coronavirus to Shift Market in Profound Ways
March 27, 2020

Private credit has been one of the fastest-growing areas of the credit market since the great credit crisis ended a decade ago. As banks stepped back from small and mid-market…
Private Equity: Goldman Sachs Says PE Ready to Deploy Dry Powder
March 27, 2020

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is said to have released a report advising companies to ignore the advances of private equity firms right now. With valuations compressed dramatically in a very…
Private Equity Dry Powder is Ready to Deploy
March 25, 2020

Private equity managers will likely deploy more than $2 trillion in cash that has sat on the sidelines during the recent carnage and volatility in the financial market.
Private Equity: American Investment Council Releases Deal Flow Report for 2019
March 24, 2020

The American Investment Council released a report this week that shows that the private equity industry invested $309 billion in 4,788 businesses across all regions of the country. The median…
Private Equity: The State of the PE Industry and Coronavirus
March 23, 2020

McKinsey and Company just published guidance for the private equity industry. In the paper titled “Private Equity and the New Reality of Coronavirus.” They suggest that “private equity (PE) firms…
Private Equity: KKR is Buying Recycling Firm Viridor for £4.2 Billion in Cash
March 20, 2020

In the largest deal since the coronavirus began crashing markets and economies, KKR (NYSE: KKR) is buying UK recycling company Viridor. It will acquire the firm from Pennon Group for…
Buyouts: Hellman & Friedman Buys Checkmarx
March 19, 2020

Hellman & Friedman announced it has purchased the majority stake in Tel Aviv-based Checkmarx from Insight Partners. After the sale is complete, Insight will retain a minority interest in Checkmarx,…
Private Equity: Big Changes Are Coming to the Industry, Says Tim Melvin
March 17, 2020

DailyAlts market strategy Tim Melvin says that the game is changing for private equity. “We will see a pullback in deal multiples, and leverage levels are going to decline,” he…
Private Equity: Coronavirus May Push Private Equity Dry Powder into Action
March 16, 2020

The dramatic decline in equity markets due to the coronavirus could solve one of the private equity industry’s biggest problems. Last year, the industry raised over $300 billion in commitments…

Private Equity: Blackstone Makes Bid for Soho China
March 11, 2020

Soho China could be next. Proving once again that the firm is fearless, private equity and alternative form Blackstone (NYSE: BX) is stepping up to the plate to bid for real…

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