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It’s been 50 years since Venrock established itself to expose investors to venture capital opportunities. Today, the global venture capital industry tracks just south of $200 billion and continues to grow as new entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers, and thought leaders create the economy of tomorrow. The DailyAlts VC channel tracks the trends, opportunities, key thought leaders, and next-generation industries that will generate billions in returns.

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Venture Capital: Startups Higi and Tock Raise Most of Chicago’s VC Haul of $68M in May

According to data from Chicago Inno, tech, and start-up companies in Chicago raised approximately $ 68 million of venture capital during the month of May. At the top of the heap were Higi, which nabbed $ 30 million, followed by Tock, which gained $ 10 million.

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Venture Capital: VC-backed Small Businesses May Get Short Shrift from the SBA in Stimulus Relief
March 30, 2020

A startup may have as few as 20 employees but still not qualify for stimulus relief by way of SBA loans. The devil is surely in the details, as VC-backed…
Venture Capital: HighByte, Which Makes Sense of Industrial Data, Raises $875K
March 27, 2020

HighByte, an industrial software company based in Portland, Maine, closed on its pre-seed round funded by angel investors and early-stage venture capitalists. Investors included Maine Venture Fund and Momenta Ventures….
Venture Capital: Limited Partners at DCVC Get an Inside Edge on Virus Tests
March 26, 2020

An email DCVC sent out on March 24 to its investors has landed the VC base in some controversy. It apparently offered to “expedite delivery of a test kit” through…
Venture Capital: Corona Launches Some Asian Businesses on a New Growth Trajectory
March 25, 2020

The coronavirus has delivered unexpected benefits for some businesses. Social distancing norms and country-wide lockdowns have given a boost to remote working. Companies in the health tech sector such as…
Venture Capital: VC World May Run at Half-Speed Over the Next Few Months
March 23, 2020

The coronavirus has disrupted networking, the lifeblood of the VC industry, or has it? You get a somewhat mixed response to that question. Meeting an entrepreneur in person – that…
Venture Capital: (Coronavirus) New Service Matches Cash-Hungry Startups With Still-in-the-Game Investors
March 20, 2020

Laurent Grill has over a decade of experience in the Los Angeles venture finance industry. He is an investor at Luma Launch, the corporate venture arm of the film studio…
Venture Capital: Fox Buys Streaming Startup Tubi for $440M; Sells Roku Stake
March 19, 2020

Fox Corporation (NASDAQ: FOXA) snapped up direct-to-consumer streaming startup Tubi for $440 million in cash. Simultaneously, Fox disposed of its 5% stake in streaming platform Roku, using the cash for…
Venture Capital: Keros Therapeutics Files With the SEC for an $86M IPO
March 18, 2020

The stock markets have been hammered by panicked investors fearing the worst from the coronavirus epidemic. Roiled by fear, the CBOE VIX index is currently ruling at a high 75.91,…
FinTech: Banking Challenger Penta Raises €18.5M
March 18, 2020

Penta is a Berlin-based business banking startup bank focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. Also operating in Italy, Penta was acquired in 2019 by Finleap, the co-founder of solarisBank. In…
Venture Capital: (Coronavirus) How Gig Economy Companies Do NOT Flatten the Curve
March 17, 2020

According to Edward Ongweso Jr and Jason Koebler, writing in Vice/Motherboard, gig economy companies are a public health risk. The business models of companies such as Uber (NYSE: UBER) and…

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