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It’s been 50 years since Venrock established itself to expose investors to venture capital opportunities. Today, the global venture capital industry tracks just south of $200 billion and continues to grow as new entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers, and thought leaders create the economy of tomorrow. The DailyAlts VC channel tracks the trends, opportunities, key thought leaders, and next-generation industries that will generate billions in returns.

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Venture Capital: Optimus Ride Driverless Cars in the U.S., and Cute Starship Robots in the U.K. Combat COVID

Driverless vehicles and delivery robots are serving a crucial need for consumables during lockdowns and shelter-in-place restrictions. More importantly, because they are autonomous there’s no risk of a driver spreading infection. However, the machines do need disinfection.

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Venture Capital: Reddit Co-founder Ohanian “@Initializes” Billboards in Times Square
March 16, 2020

On Saturday, passersby in New York’s Times Square may have been bemused to see a billboard saying “Staying home means saving lives,” with the hashtag “#FlattenTheCurve” at the bottom. Said…
Venture Capital: A Robotics Startup That Lived To Tell The Tale
March 13, 2020

Denmark-based Blue Ocean Robotics, led by Claus Risager, is selling hundreds of hospital robots to China to aid in the country’s battle against the coronavirus. At €60,000 each (US$67,000), the…
Venture Capital: Nissan Motors to Bails Out of Venture Fund With Auto Partners
March 12, 2020

Nissan Motor Company is reportedly exiting a venture capital fund it operates with several auto alliance partners. Reports indicate that the Japanese auto maker is looking to cut costs and…
Venture Capital: New Enterprise Associates (NEA) Raises $3.6 Billion For Its Latest, And Biggest Fund
March 12, 2020

New Enterprise Associates Inc (NEA) closed on $3.6 billion in its largest fund so far. As in the past, the fund will invest most of the money in early-stage companies…
Venture Capital: Life Sciences Partners Raises $600M in Record European VC Haul
March 11, 2020

Venture capital group Life Science Partners (LSP) just closed its sixth investment fund targeting European life science companies. The $600 million (€529 million) raising is said to be the largest…
Venture Capital: African Startups’ Identity Crisis
March 10, 2020

More and more African founders are choosing to incorporate their startups outside Africa. Which raises the question: Can a startup founded and operating in Africa but domiciled abroad be called…
FinTech: Payments Startup Finix Gains $21M as Investor Sequoia Walks Away
March 10, 2020

In a somewhat dramatic turn of events Sequoia has bailed from its Finix investment, on grounds of conflict of interest with its investment in payment processor Stripe. Sequoia’s action is…
Venture Capital: Tech Startups – 2020 Will Separate the Men From the Boys
March 9, 2020

As this is being written, markets are in a blue funk from the global coronavirus epidemic. US markets are not yet open, but a black and bloody Monday is already…
FinTech: Challenger Bank Chime’s Latest Raising Stands at $700 Million
March 9, 2020

Neo, or ‘app-only’ bank Chime is a new breed of ‘zero-fees’ fintechs that are giving traditional banks a run for their money. Branchless, fintech startup Chime is enjoying startling growth…
Venture Capital: Sequoia Capital Sounds Alarms About “Black Swan” Coronavirus
March 5, 2020

Sequoia Capital issued a huge alarm this week in a memo to founders and the CEOs of its portfolio companies. “Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020” discusses the impact of…

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