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Fintech: M&A In the Fintech Space Will Heat Up

One of the clear winners, if there is such a thing of the current economic situation, will be fintech companies. And we can expect to see a wave of fintech M&A as a result. There was already a trend towards digital platforms in the financial services industry. Now it’s just accelerating. Even those who prefer a hands-on face-to-face meeting on financial matters are turning to online platforms. They have to do so. Many banks are only offering drive-through services. This means more complex transactions are moving online. Why Fintech M&A Will Heat Up The shift to increased digital use in financial services will also accelerate the fight between incumbent banks, brokerages, and insurance companies to capture market share in a new digital marketplace. Underfunded startups will struggle. They lack the ability to spend billions of dollars a year like their larger financial counterparts. The smaller firms will also need to find funding sources to survive until economic activity begins to normalize. Fintech companies also have to be very careful about execution risk right now. Consider Robinhood, the online brokerage firm. Their system failed as markets became disrupted by the spread of the coronavirus virus in the United States. The future…

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Liquid Alternatives: Semi-transparent ETFs Get Advisor Love
March 27, 2020

Assets under actively managed ETFs constituted a minuscule percentage (< 3%) of total ETF assets ($4.4 trillion) as of end-2019. The most commonly attributed reason for this phenomenon is the…
FinTech: Grandmother-inspired Quick Checkout Startup Fast Adds $20M In Series A
March 27, 2020

Fast announced Thursday its Series A funding round worth $ 20 million. The round was led by Stripe though existing investors Index Ventures and Susa Ventures also chipped in. Fast…
Venture Capital: HighByte, Which Makes Sense of Industrial Data, Raises $875K
March 27, 2020

HighByte, an industrial software company based in Portland, Maine, closed on its pre-seed round funded by angel investors and early-stage venture capitalists. Investors included Maine Venture Fund and Momenta Ventures….
DailyAlts Playbook: Money Printing, Jams on the 90s, and Why Sovereign Funds are Struggling
March 27, 2020

The Dow Jones projected a 680-point decline in premarket hours as the markets selloff from a massive three-day rally. The mainstream press is back in cheerleader mode, proclaiming that the…
Digital Assets: Traditional Trading Firms May Adopt Digital Assets in a Big Way – Acuiti
March 27, 2020

Acuiti Management Intelligence, in association with Bitstamp and the CME Group (NASDAQ: CME), conducted a study on institutional adoption of digital assets’ trading. The key question: What’s holding back institutions?
Hedge Funds: Paul Tudor Jones Expects Stocks to Retest March Lows
March 26, 2020

Paul Tudor Jones said Wednesday that he expects that the market will push higher by June. However, he expects there to be a very volatile market come April.  In an…
Hedge Funds: Bodenholm Capital to Shutter Its Doors
March 26, 2020

Bodenholm Capital, a large Swedish hedge fund with $511.2 million in AUM, is shutting its doors and returning money to its investors. A report indicates that the multi-strategy fund has…
Digital Assets: How ‘Helicopter Money’ Will Affect Bitcoin and Gold
March 26, 2020

The Senate unanimously approved Wednesday a massive stimulus package worth $2 trillion to steady an economy feared to be on the ropes from the coronavirus. How will this ‘Helicopter Money’…
Venture Capital: Limited Partners at DCVC Get an Inside Edge on Virus Tests
March 26, 2020

An email DCVC sent out on March 24 to its investors has landed the VC base in some controversy. It apparently offered to “expedite delivery of a test kit” through…
Digital Assets: The Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) From HashCash
March 26, 2020

HashCash Consultants are launching a new cryptocurrency, the Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) in a drive to battle the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The new crypto will launch on April 2…

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