Long-Short Mutual Funds: The Rodney Dangerfield of Investing

Long-Short Mutual Funds

In a blazing bull market (for the S&P 500, at least), alternative strategies sit in the shadows, awaiting the day when they will again be called on to help clean up the mess that a fallen bull market left behind. In particular, long-short strategies are chronically misunderstood. They are essentially the Rodney Dangerfield of investing: “they ... [read more]

American Century Creates New Long-Short Fund

American Century Long-Short Fund

As many would suggest, the writing is on the wall - add value or get out of the way. The indexing train is on the tracks and running full steam ahead, obliterating any high-fee, benchmark hugging active manager that isn't earning its stripes. And right behind that train, just in case the first one didn't pulverize you, is the smart beta train. ... [read more]

Multi-Manager Funds: What’s the Difference in Fund Structures?

Multi-Manager Funds What’s the Difference in Fund Structures?

Multi-manager hedge funds were designed to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of hedge fund strategies, seeking to take advantage of distinctive sources of alpha from each underlying hedge fund held within the portfolio. Having been introduced 30 years ago, multi-manager hedge funds were historically set-up as private ... [read more]

Billionaire’s Family Office Packages Strategies in Liquid Alts Fund

Billionaire’s Family Office Packages Strategies in Liquid Alts Fund

David Bonderman became a multi-billionaire buying and fixing up companies, and then created a family office to manage a portion of his personal fortune. That family office has grown into Wildcat Capital Management, and it now manages $1.3 billion for Mr. Bonderman and a small group of his friends and family. Now Wildcat is backing a new startup ... [read more]

Options Based Funds Outperform with Lower Volatility

Option Based Funds Outperform with Lower Volatility

Many novice and not-so-novice investors think all option strategies are dangerous and volatile, but a new white paper commissioned by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) pours a warm bucket of reality over that incorrect assumption. According to the study, option-based strategies that buy and sell S&P 500 index options have outperformed ... [read more]