Longboard Long/Short Fund

Investment Objective

The primary investment objective of the Longboard Long Short Fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation.

Investment Approach

The Fund will seek positive long-term capital appreciation through the use of a diversified long/short equity strategy, which has been developed by the Adviser. The Fund invests in securities of issuers of any capitalization and in any style (from growth to value) and may engage in frequent trading of its portfolio securities.

The Fund’s strategy considers long positions in a large subset of 3,500 of the most liquid securities that trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.  This universe generally corresponds to the Russell 3000 Index, as well as the most liquid American depository receipts, exchange-traded limited partnerships, and real estate investment trusts.  Short positions will be taken in Equity Derivative Instruments, including but not limited to, futures and/or ETFs that represent equity indices, including, but not limited to the S&P 500 (large cap), S&P 400 (mid cap), and Russell 2000 (small cap) indices.

The Adviser seeks to reduce risk by using an active hedge comprised of short positions in index futures contracts or ETFs.  Short positions will normally be held through a swap agreement in the case of ETFs, but will likely be held directly in the case of futures contracts. The degree to which the long portfolio is hedged is governed by factors such as targeted risk level, the number of security positions in the portfolio and market volatility.