Video: Interview with Thomas Clarke of William Blair – Part 3

This video concludes the three part interview with Thomas Clarke of William Blair, co-portfolio manager of the William Blair Macro Allocation Fund, and Brian Haskin, Publisher and Editor of DailyAlts. Their discussion begins with Mr. Clarke offering his opinion on measuring geopolitical risk in currencies, considering the possibility of unforeseen events for which there can be no effective planning. Mr. Clarke feels that the tendency is for investors to run from a currency trade when there is strife in the region, but he makes every attempt to weigh the possible outcomes and consider if it might not be wise to weather the storm. He also discusses the liquidity of currencies and the way it fits into the liquid alts picture. Mr. Clarke concludes the video by sharing his opinion on the opportunities afforded by the trend toward removing currency pegs, and the future of the global currencies market.

Interview with Thomas Clarke of William Blair

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