Jason Gerlach Talks Sunrise Capital, CalALTS and Alternative Investing

Listen to Jason Gerlach, CEO of Sunrise Capital and President of CalALTS, discuss macro investing, Sunrise Capital, CalALTS and investing in alternatives. Sunrise Capital, one of the oldest quant/macro funds in the industry, dates back to the 1970’s and was formed long before hedge funds started their ascent. The firm’s Sunrise Evolution Strategy invests long and short across a diversified basket of assets. They look for patterns, statistical trends and other market behaviors that give them an edge, while focusing on price, volatility, volume and other metrics – not the fundamentals of markets. As Jason notes, Sunrise invests in markets, not individual stocks, bonds or other securities. Their strategy is implemented using futures contracts and ETFs for some markets.

As President of CalALTS, the industry association for alternative investment firms in California, Jason discusses the association, its history, mission, members and upcoming events. Listen to Jason tell why, in the current investment environment, investors should consider the more sophisticated opportunities that exist in the alternative investment space.

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