Morningstar Announces New Roles for Senior Leadership

Morningstar Announces New Roles for Senior LeadershipMorningstar announced five new leadership appointments in a January 12 announcement, each of which impact important business lines for Morningstar. Daniel Needham, Thomas Idzorek, Jeffrey Ptak, Scott Burns, and Rob Pinkerton have all either taken on new roles at the firm, or they will soon, with Rob Pinkerton being the newest member to the Morninstar team as a result of Morningstar’s purchase of HelloWallet.

Daniel Needham – Morningstar Investment Management

Daniel Needham has been named president and CIO of the Morningstar Investment Management group. Mr. Needham, who is currently based in London, will relocate to Morningstar’s Chicago headquarters and report to CEO Joe Mansueto upon assuming his new role, effective February 2.

“Daniel is a talented leader. He is also an experienced investment manager who has successfully overseen multi-asset investment strategies for more than a decade,” said Mr. Mansueto. “He has a keen focus on our mission of helping investors reach their financial goals.”

Thomas Idzorek – Investment Methodology and Economic Research

Mr. Needham will be replacing Thomas Idzorek as the Morningstar Investment Management group’s president, while Mr. Idzorek takes on the new role as head of investment methodology and economic research for Morningstar.

Mr. Mansueto said Mr. Idzorek “has done an outstanding job running our investment management business for the past few years. He has helped drive better outcomes for investors and achieved strong business results.” He also added that Mr. Idzorek “wants to take on a role that requires less travel, and I’m pleased that he will have a significant leadership position on our research team.”

Jeffrey Ptak – Global Manager Research

Jeffrey Ptak will be replacing Scott Burns as Morningstar’s head of global manager research. Mr. Burns was recently named head of asset management client solutions.

Mr. Ptak has served as president and CIO of Morningstar Investment Services for the past six years. He will transition into his new role as head of global manager research by the end of March.

“Under Jeff’s leadership, our managed portfolios business has had strong investment performance and made consistent contributions to Morningstar’s growth,” Mr. Mansueto said. “Jeff joined us 13 years ago as a mutual fund analyst, so his roots are on the research side.”

Scott Burns – Asset Management Client Solutions

Scott Burns has served as the head of global manager research for the past two years, and head of North American manager research prior to the role as global head of research. In his new role, Burns will oversee client solutions for the asset management business of Morningstar, and is particularly well suited for this role given his familiarity of the manager universe from his more than six year stint in manager research.

Rob Pinkerton – Marketing

Finally, Rob Pinkerton was appointed Morningstar’s first CMO (chief marketing officer) on January 12. Mr. Pinkerton joined Morningstar last June when the firm acquired HelloWallet, which is billed as a “leading provider of online financial wellness.” Mr. Pinkerton was HelloWallet’s CMO.

“Rob has an extensive product management and marketing background,” Mr. Mansueto said. “He is a strong leader who has achieved impressive results at HelloWallet and other leading firms.”

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