Saturday’s Linkfest: Managed Futures, REITs, RIA M&A, and Bitcoin

Saturday's Linkfest Managed Futures REITs RIA M&A BitcoinBelow is our weekly roundup of articles from around the web. This week, we provide some links on the myths of managed futures, REITs and diversification, bond portfolio duration, M&A in the wealth management market, and the real value of Bitcoin.

Investing Insights

Decoding the Myths of Managed Futures – Mark Shore dispels 5 myths of investing in managed futures and and provides a quick snapshot of key issues to think about when considering a managed futures investment.

Five Strategies for a Rising-Rate Environment Revisited – An update to an earlier look at ideas for rising rates from Bellatore Financial.

Bond Duration: Should Everyone Be Short? (video) – Is a short duration fixed income portfolio the right move for investors?

REITs: Diversifying, Real Returns for the Long Run? – REITs may not provide the diversification they once did, and may not be the best inflation hedge.

Buy MLPs at a Discount* – MLP based closed-end funds offer an opportunity to get in on the action at a discount.

Hedge-Fund ETF Faceoff: QAI Vs. GURU – A look at two different ways to get hedge fund exposure through replication.

New Funds

Daily ETF Watch: PowerShares Takes On DBC – PowerShares looks to launch a new commodity fund to compete with their own $5.7 billion PowerShares DB Commodity Tracking Fund.

BMO Global Asset Management Launches Nine New Funds – New Multi-Asset Income Fund and Global Natural Resources Fund, among others.

Wealth Management Business

Wealth Management M&A Appears Set to Continue Its Bullish Pace – The need for operational efficiency, high margins and an aging ownership base make RIA firms attractive acquisition candidates, and 2014 looks to keep pace with the strong pace of merger and acquisition activity in 2013.

Fidelity’s Michael Durbin on Disruptive Advisor Models and New Demographics – While M&A activity might be high, advisors also need to adapt their businesses to a new generation of investors. Durbin explains in this Q&A with Institutional Investor.

Hedge Funds

The Challenges Hedge Funds Face in 2014 – As the institutional market for hedge fund allocations matures, hedge funds are looking to other sources of new asset flows including the retail market. At the same time, costs are rising due to increased compliance and regulatory oversight.


The Problem with Bitcoin (video) – Excellent analysis of Bitcoin and its valuation by Brian Wesbury of First Trust.

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