Video: What Are Absolute Return Strategies?

Walter Davis, Alternative Investment Strategist for Invesco, moderates a discussion on absolute-return strategies in this six-and-a-half minute video from InvescoUS. Davis explains that absolute return strategies seek positive returns regardless of the broad market’s gains or losses, before examining a pair of disparate absolute-return strategies: market-neutral and global macro.

Donna Wilson, Director of Portfolio Management for Invesco Quantitative Strategies, covers market-neutral strategies for Invesco and explains the market-neutral, long/short approach by saying it strives for a beta of 0 – to move independently of the broad market’s moves.

Danielle Singer, Senior Client Portfolio Manager of Invesco’s Multi-Asset Team, covers global macro strategies for Invesco. She says global macro looks at the world from a “top-down perspective,” while market-neutral’s perspective is more “bottom-up,” with a focus on where interest rates are going, geopolitics, etc. Ms. Wilson and Ms. Singer show how liquid alts themselves are diverse, offering myriad opportunities for investors.

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