Video: Global Macro Managers Enjoying Divergence, Volatility

Divergence begets volatility, and volatility begets opportunities for global macro managers. According to Dorothy Weaver, CEO of Collins Capital, 2015 will have plenty of all of the above. She offers her outlook for the year in this video from

One thing Ms. Weaver says investors are “really looking for and need” is long/short credit. “With interest rates as low as they are, it’s hard to just go long-only credit,” she says. But who knows how to make money on the short side? As Ms. Weaver points out, “for 30 years, the money’s been on the long side.”

Ms. Weaver, who is also the portfolio manager for the Collins Alternative Solutions Fund, says 2015 will be a promising year for event-driven strategies as well. Shareholder activism will also be a trend, and “there will be a lot of corporate events” in 2015, in her estimation.

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