Video: Interview with K.C. Nelson of Driehaus Capital Management – Part 3

In the final video of a three-part series with K.C. Nelson, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director at Driehaus Investments, Mr. Nelson discusses how his fixed-income experience complements event-driven investing. “To my knowledge, we’re the only event-driven fund that invests across the entire capital structure,” Mr. Nelson says.

He goes on to explain that people typically think of “100% equity funds that do nothing but the risk-arbitrage strategy” – i.e., buying the acquiree, short-selling the acquirer, and waiting for the deal to close. But these trades account for roughly 15-20% of Driehaus’s event-driven fund, while the remaining portion of the fund’s exposures are taking advantage of opportunities in credit and equity securities, including arbitraging across the two asset classes. “That’s really where I think the best opportunities that I’ve seen have been,” Mr. Nelson says.

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