Video: Interview with Walter Davis of Invesco – Part 1

In this video, Brian Haskin of DailyAlts sits down with Walter Davis, Alternatives Investment Strategist at Invesco, at the Investing in Liquid Alternatives Conference in New York City. Mr. Davis begins by outlining some of the ways he works to educate advisors on liquid alternatives, including categorizing the alternative genre to better help advisors serve client needs and manage expectations. He believes the key to getting both advisors and clients educated about alts is to divide the alternative universe into two areas:

  • Alternative asset classes, such as commodities, MLPs, real estate, etc.; and
  • Alternative strategies, such as long/short equity and global macro.

Mr. Davis believes that savvy investors will “look through the windshield” rather than looking in the “rearview mirror” – meaning they will see where the market is going rather than sticking with what’s worked in the past – and liquid alts are a great way to stay forward-thinking.

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