Video: Macro Bets Winners for Rothschild Larch Lane Fund

Not all funds get off to a good start, but for the relatively new Rothschild Larch Lane Alternatives Fund (MUTF:RLLIX), the timing has been right. Launched in July of 2014, the fund has posted returns that have put it in the top 1 and 2% of all funds in Morningstar’s multi-alternative category over the past 3-month and 6-month periods ending March 31. In this video from, Charles Korchinski, Director of Liquid Strategies at Larch Lane, explains some of the reasons why.

The Rothschild Larch Lane Alternatives Fund is a multi-manager, multi-strategy fund. It invests in a variety of asset classes with varying investment approaches, and uses a current suite of several sub-advisors. Mr. Korchinski says all of the fund’s strategies have been profitable, but the fund’s biggest winners have been global bond trades, currency trades in the U.S. dollar, and energy-sector short sales. The sub-advisors are outlined below, along with a summary of the investment structure, as found in the fund’s February 2015 fact sheet.

Rothschild Larch Lane Alternatives Fund

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