Video: Rock Creek Explains Approach as Sub-Advisor to Alternatives Fund

In this video, Wells Fargo’s Brian Jacobsen introduces the Rock Creek Investment Team. Wells Fargo has a relationship with Rock Creek through their joint management of the Wells Fargo Advantage Alternative Strategies Fund.

Rock Creek Managing Director Dr. Sudhir Krishnamurthi says Rock Creek chose to work with Wells Fargo due to the latter’s reputation for quality, integrity, and client services. Ronald van der Wouden, also a Managing Director at Rock Creek, explains Rock Creek’s investment philosophy. “It’s about providing investors with a portfolio that meets their specific objectives,” he says. “And the way we do that is by forming qualitative judgments that are at all times verified by quantitative analysis.”

“Obviously, the manager needs to have expertise in the field in which they’re managing money,” says Mr. Jacobsen, in offering his parting thoughts. “But it’s also incredibly important for those managers to be able to communicate with you, the investor – not only what they’re doing with your money, but why they’re doing it.”

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