Weekend Reading: Liquid Alts, Commodities, Smart Beta and More…

Weekend Reading Liquid Alts, Commodities, Smart Beta and More...Winter has certainly arrived, and if you don’t plan to tune into this weekend’s NFL playoff games or go out gallivanting in the snow, we have a few articles for you to read. A couple articles on liquid alternatives from Morningstar, with the first being recap of how liquid alts are performing through the first half of January. Smart beta continues to be in the limelight as well, and for good reason. Not only are assets flowing to these products in large quantities, but they do provide investors with alternative sources of beta that can help diversify a portfolio.

Finally, a few articles of interest on investing more broadly, including a look at the commodities crash, active fixed income investing and the FANG stocks.

Enjoy the weekend.

Liquid Alternatives

Smart Beta


Meili Zeng contributed to this article.

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