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The global alternative investment space now sits at more than $9 trillion in global assets, and we’re just getting started. Roughly 40% of RIAs are using alternative investments. With the RIA space expanding and alternative investment demand rising among investors – a surge in data, news, and opinion will continue. This channel cuts through the noise to give you the most important actionable insight.

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Alternative Investments/ESG: SP Funds Unveils Shariah-Compliant Global Tech ETF

December 5, 2023

SP Funds has expanded its suite of Sharia-compliant funds with the launch of The SP Funds S&P Global Technology ETF (SPTE) on the New York Stock Exchange. As North America’s largest family of Shariah-compliant exchange-traded funds (ETFs), SP Funds aims to provide investors access to cutting-edge technological advancements through SPTE.


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Alternative Investments/Digital: GraniteShares Launches The First Coinbase Leveraged ETF

August 10, 2022

US ETF issuer GraniteShares, which first launched leveraged ETFs on single stocks in the UK in 2019, and now offers 106 such products across Europe, has listed a suite of short and leveraged single stock Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

Alternative Investments/Digital/ESG: SoFi Launches Web3 And Smart Energy ETFs

August 10, 2022

SoFi Invest, the investing and trading arm of SoFi Technologies, announced the launch of two new ETFs, SoFi Web 32 (NASDAQ: TWEB) and SoFi Smart Energy (NYSE: ENRG) that provide exposure to two of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Chimera Capital Launches Shariah Turkish Equity ETF

August 9, 2022

The Chimera S&P Turkey Shariah ETF seeks to invest in the most liquid Shariah-complaint stocks listed on the Borsa Istanbul. Launched by Chimera Capital, an Abu-Dhabi-based investment management firm and subsidiary of Chimera Investment, the ETF tracks the performance of the S&P Turkey Shariah Liquid 35/20 Capped Index (Bloomberg: SPTSLCAP), provided by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Alternative Investments/Digital: A Metaverse-Themed ETF From Betashares Debuts On The ASX

August 5, 2022

The BetaShares Metaverse ETF (ASX: MTAV) has debuted on the ASX on Thursday, August 5, 2022. It is the first Australian ETF providing dedicated exposure to a portfolio of leading global companies that are building, developing and operating the Metaverse.

Alternative Investments: The New York State Common Retirement Fund Allocates $3B To Alternatives In June

August 5, 2022

The monthly transaction report from the $280 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund showed an investment outlay of more than $4 billion in June. Significantly, and in a sign of the times, more than 75% of that was plowed into alternatives such as real estate ($2.2 billion) and private equity funds (over $1 billion).

Alternative Investments/Digital Assets: New, Blockchain-Focused ETF From Horizon Kinetics

August 4, 2022

Horizon Kinetics LLC launched the Blockchain Development ETF (NYSEARCA: BCDF) on August 2. The ETF will invest in companies benefit, either directly or indirectly, from the issuance, facilitation, custody, trading and administration of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies or distributed ledger technology.

Alternative Investments/Digital: Schwab To Debut Crypto ETF

August 2, 2022

Charles Schwab Corporation’s (NYSE: SCHW) asset management division, Schwab Asset Management, announced the debut of the Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF (NYSEARCA: STCE) on August 4 on the New York Stock Exchange. The ETF will be listed on the NYSE and trade under the symbol STCE.

Alternative Investments/ESG: New ESG Gold ETF From Sprott To List August 2

August 2, 2022

Sprott Asset Management LP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprott Inc. (NYSE: SII), today announced the launch of the Sprott ESG Gold ETF (NYSEARCA: SESG) that will begin trading on the NYSE ARCA with effect from August 2, 2022. The new ETF will invest solely in gold (“Sprott ESG Approved Gold”) that satisfies the ESG and provenance standards developed by Sprott. (Financial Post)

Alternative Investments/Digital: The KuCoin Crypto Exchange Launches An ETF Zone For NFTs

August 1, 2022

Seychelles head-quartered, global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced July 29 the launch of its NFT ETF Trading Zone that will allow the listing of 5 NFT ETFs covering hiBAYC, hiPUNKS, hiSAND33, hiKODA, and hiENS4 as underlying assets as a beginning. The ETFs shall be denominated in USDT, another first for KuCoin, rather than Ether (ETH). The exchange intends to improve the liquidity of NFT assets and lower the investment threshold of blue-chip NFTs for over 20 million users, as well as alleviate risks of holding these assets individually.

Alternative Investments/Digital: The Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF To Debut On August 4

July 29, 2022

The Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF (NYSEARCA: STCE), launched by Schwab Asset Management, the asset management arm of The Charles Schwab Corporation, will start trading on or about August 4, 2022. It will provide investors with global exposure to companies that may benefit from the development or utilization of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Alternative Investments/Digital: Pando Asset Lists A Crypto Basket ETP On Swiss SIX

July 28, 2022

Pando Asset makes its debut in the European market with an ETP comprising the following six cryptos: 39.6% bitcoin, 27.3% ethereum, 11.9% binance, 8.1% solana, 7.3% cardano and 6% polkadot. The ETP listed on the Swiss SIX Exchange and has a total expense ratio of 2%.

Alternative Investments: As Single Stock ETFs Become The Flavor Of The Season, Innovator Launches The Hedged TSLA Strategy ETF (TSLH)

July 27, 2022

Innovator Capital Management, which pioneered Defined Outcome ETFs, listed the Innovator Hedged TSLA Strategy ETF (ticker: TSLH) on July 26th, on the Cboe. It is the first ETF to provide long exposure to a single stock, in this case Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), with an inbuilt system of risk management and protection against the volatility of the stock.

Alternative Investments/ESG: State Street Launches Paris-Aligned Emerging Markets Stock ETF

July 26, 2022

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) has launched a climate-friendly emerging market ETF. The SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (SPF7) is listed on Deutsche Boerse, Borsa Italiana, the London Stock Exchange, and Euronext Amsterdam.

Alternative Investments/ESG: ARK To Shutter Its Transparency ETF

July 20, 2022

Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management LLC announced the closure of its ARK Transparency ETF (BATS: CTRU) with effect from July 26, on which date it will stop trading on the CBOE. The investment manager said it decided to shutter the ETF because Transparency Global, the provider of the ETF’s index, will stop calculating the Transparency Index (TRANSPCY) effective July 31, 2022.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Deka Launches New UCITS ETF Focused On Future Energy Sources

July 18, 2022

The Deka Future Energy ESG UCITS ETF from issuer Deka has commenced trading on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since July 14. The ETF invests in companies that contribute to promoting the transformation of the energy sector, including companies from the fields of solar and wind energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen propulsion and battery and energy storage technology.

Alternative Investments/ESG: “God Bless America,” An Anti-Activism ETF On The Cards

July 15, 2022

Tidal ETF Trust filed on July 13 for listing an actively-managed ETF named “God Bless America” under the ticker “YALL” on a national securities exchange. The politically-themed ETF will avoid investments in companies that “have emphasized political activism and social agendas at the expense of maximizing shareholder returns,” for example, abortion, a “hot-button” political item with no bearing on their business. The investible companies should also have a track record of creating American jobs.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Advisors Asset Management Launches ETF Focused On Transformative Technologies

July 15, 2022

Launched on Tuesday, the AAM Transformers ETF (NYSEARCA: TRFM) is the first thematic offering from Advisors Asset Management (AAM). The ETF screens for companies that exhibit stronger sales growth and capex growth compared to their peers, as well as allocate significantly to R&D spending.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Harbor Capital Launches New ETF To Address The Global Energy Transition

July 15, 2022

Investment manager Harbor Capital Advisors has launched the fully transparent Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF (RENW) to offer investors the opportunity to benefit from the energy transition megatrend that will see the world move from fossil-heavy energy sources and consumption to less carbon-intensive modes.

Alternative Investments: AXS Launches New ETFs That Allow Leveraged Bets Against Selected Single Stocks In The U.S.

July 14, 2022

Asset manager AXS Investments has launched a suite of eight new ETFs that offer investors the opportunity to take leveraged exposure to single, actively traded U.S. equities. Of these, five ETFS are “bear” or inverse, meaning investors would profit from a decline in the price of the stock represented by the particular ETF. These five ETFs are leveraged between 1X to 2X times.

Alternative Investments/ESG: DWS Launches An ESG Eurozone Sovereign Bonds ETF

July 13, 2022

DWS has launched the Xtrackers II ESG Eurozone Government Bond UCITS ETF (XZEB GY). The ETF targets investments in the sovereign debt issued by countries in the eurozone.
The ETF tracks the FTSE ESG Select EMU Government Bond Index which covers fixed-rate, investment-grade sovereign bonds that are denominated in euros and issued by countries belonging to the common currency. Only bonds that have a minimum issue size of €2.5 billion and have a year to go before their maturity date are included in this index.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Purpose Launches Global Equity ETF With ESG Focus

July 13, 2022

Purpose Investments Inc. has launched the Black Diamond Impact Core Equity Fund (TSX: BDIC), an ETF offering diverse exposure across equity securities of companies all around the world that demonstrate a forward-looking sensitivity to Environmental, Social, and Governance factors.

Artificial Intelligence: The Australian City Of Sydney To Monitor Road Conditions Using AI Sensors On Buses

July 13, 2022

On Tuesday, New South Wales, a state in Australia, announced Asset AI, a A$2.9 million project to trial technology for monitoring the conditions on roads in Greater Sydney through the use of sensors on 32 public buses operating on various routes in the city.

Alternative Investments/ESG: VanEck Launches European ETF Focusing On Sustainable Food Megatrend

July 7, 2022

The VanEck Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF has been listed on London Stock Exchange in US dollars (VEGI LN) and pound sterling (VEGB LN) as well as on Deutsche Börse Xetra in euros (VE6I GY). This new ETF will look for opportunities in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, vertical farming, precision agriculture, functional ingredients, and vegan organic and health foods.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Franklin Templeton Launches ETF Focused On Emerging Market Debt, Catholic Principles, And Sustainability

July 5, 2022

Franklin Templeton has launched the Catholic Principles Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Ucits ETF. It will invest in both euro and dollar denominated sovereign debt issued by emerging market countries, but with an emphasis on Catholic principles and values. The ETF listed on the Deutsche Boerse, the Borsa Italiana, and the London Stock Exchange.