Insightful interviews and discussions with leading portfolio managers, investors and entrepreneurs from the world of alternative investments.

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Credit Investing – Verdad Capital – w/Greg Obenshain

March 20, 2020

The credit markets receive far less attention than they should in the marketplace, given the amount of money that is invested there. With a strong background in Private Equity, Verdad has conducted a significant amount of research into what has made Private Equity so successful as an investment strategy, and have found much of the…


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Infrastructure Investing – Miller Howard Investments – with Bryan Spratt

July 23, 2018

Listen to Bryan, Portfolio Manager for the Infrastrucure Fund, focusing on utilities, telecom, energy, transportation/Logistics, which are all part of this fund.  These highly regulated sectors represent about 25% of the U.S. economy, and are becoming more key to the economy and political landscapes.  Expecting these assets to become more valuable in the near and…

ESG Investing thru Indexes – S-Network Global Indexes – with Gregg Sgambati

July 6, 2018

Publishing over 200 indexes, S-Network Global uses these indexes to provide the underlying investments for focused and specialty ETF’s.  Gregg is responsible for developing those indexes that are used to create these custom ETF’s with ESG focus and purpose.  This is certainly a timely topic, with Blackrock and now Walmart making policy decisions focused on…

International Equity Investing thru Business Life Cycle Analysis – Shelton Capital Management – with Andrew Manton

July 6, 2018

The Portfolio Manager for the past 10 years for the Shelton International Select Equity Strategy, Andy discusses the unique analysis methodology of his and Shelton, focusing on and measuring redploying its own capital to create value for shareholders.  Focusing on asset growth and return on asset capital, they define 5 stages in a corporate life…

ETF Commodity Investing – Teucrium Trading – with Sal Gilbertie

July 5, 2018

A brainchild of Sal’s, Teucrium is a family of Exchange Traded Products, all focused on agricultural commodities.  With heavy experience in ag commodity trading, including ethanol, he was involved in the establishment of the ethanol over the counter market.  He shows how farmers are the eternal optimists, and will plant until prices reach their cost…

Risk Mitigation Thru Options Strategies – Spider Rock Advisors – with Eric Metz

July 5, 2018

Listen to Eric, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, tell how Spider Rock uses Options strategies to reduce risk and solve other problems with portfolio construction.  Plain vanilla equities and fixed income strategies cannot do what Options can do.  Working with institutions, family offices and Advisors, they construct portfolios around risk mitigation and yield augmentation, and…

Changes to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index – Krane Shares – with Brendan Ahern

June 19, 2018

KraneShares is a family of ETF’s, all focused on China.  Brendan, the Chief Investment Officer, tells about the restructuring of the MSCI Emerging Market Index, to include mainland Chinese securities.  Index based ETF’s, as passive investments, invest in those companies that are included in these indexes.  This means that those who invest in this index…

Global Capital Network Conference – Josh Bois, CEO and Conference Producer

June 7, 2018

Josh discusses this conference and its opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Global Capital Network – Nextwave Safety Solutions – Timothy Loughlin

June 7, 2018

Providing safety training, oversight and management to the construction and heavy machinery industries.  Using advanced software to provide training and direction, Nextwave is state of the art in providing their training and service. Timothy is the COO, and discusses the opportunities of Nextwave.

Global Capital Network – Ignite Capital Partners – Rick Gonda

June 7, 2018

A private merchant banking firm, with offices in Santa Monica, London and Sydney, Australia, they provide private equity, Venture Capital and advisory services to start ups and growing companies, focusing on Biotechnology, AI, Blockchain, Software and Precious Metals.  Rick discusses what he sees as the key to success in these ventures.

Global Capital Network – Saveene.com – Miro Zecevic

June 7, 2018

Saveene.com arranges for the renting of yachts, luxury real estate and exotic cars.  In a fractional ownership model, this site provides a unique service to the luxury community.

Global Capital Network Conference – Blu Tango – Mike Manahan

June 7, 2018

In the “Spirits” business (Alcoholic Beverages), specializing in independent premium producers and their own proprietary brews.  This market has changed substantially over the past years, and Blu Tango is looking to capitalize on this trend. 

Global Capital Network Conference – Petvivo Holdings – John Lai

June 7, 2018

John discusses the background of Petvivo’s new product used in the treatment of osteo arthritis for dogs and horses.  Unique in that it focuses on the cause, not just the relief of the pain and symptoms, this product will be offered thru Veterinarians.  He relates examples and stories of race horses that were greatly improved…

Global Capital Network Conference – Purify Fuel – John Carroll

June 7, 2018

In his third start up, John tells the story of Purify Fuel, which is a nano technology based clean diesel fuel additive that reduces fuel usage and emissions.  Selling to the largest of diesel fuel consumers – US Govt, Railroads, etc.  Raising working capital to bring this product to market.

Global Capital Network Conference – RxMM Health – George Roth

June 7, 2018

Focused on Clerisy, an alternative method to take/ingest medications, George discusses this new method/technology.  They have produced a nose clip that contains the medication and thru breathing it releases the medication directly to the brain, providing a number of benefits to the person.  Created by neurologists, this method is now FDA approved, and Clerisy is raising…

Global Capital Network Conference – Archangels Investors – Doug Pennington

June 7, 2018

Archangels is composed of members of family offices, angel and other investors who have joined together to view and evaluate capital raising efforts by smaller companies seeking private equity type capital.  Doug discusses the key elements that their group has learned to be the most important and telling in evaluating investment opportunities.  He addresses the…

Global Capital Network Conference – Wall Street Research – Alan Stone & Sarah Ishag

June 7, 2018

For over forty years, WSR has produced research reports, profiles and newsletters on both public and private companies.  These companies are typically in a capital raising phase, and they bring investors together to receive the presentations of the companies.  Having done many of these “RoadShow” gatherings their insights are very valuable for any investor or…

AltsLA – with Paul Haman – Markets Group, Producer of the Conference

June 6, 2018

Markets Group was the Producer of the conference, and Paul was responsible for it all.  He discusses here the conference, topics, categories of discussion, etc.  Sponsors of the conference were the local CFA Society, CAIA, CalAlts, and others, and Markets Group has taken this conference to other parts of the country, and discusses these additional…

AltsLA Conference – with Lisa Vioni – Hedge Connection

June 6, 2018

Hedge Connection is a web based platform that  makes connections between asset allocators and Hedge Funds.  Lisa is the founder and CEO, and one of the sponsors of the conference.  A previous guest on Strategic Investor Radio, she shares her thoughts on the industry, the conference and the opportunities that they create.

AltsLA Conference – with Eric Metz, CFA, Spider Rock Advisors

June 6, 2018

Eric is the Chief Investment Officer of Spider Rock, a firm focused on Options strategies.  A speaker at the conference, Eric shares some of what he spoke about at the conference re: the role that Options can play in portfolio protection and diversification.  Focusing on large RIA firms and family offices, they seek to create…

AltsLA Conference – with Eric Metz, CFA, Spider Rock Advisors

June 6, 2018

Eric is the Chief Investment Officer of Spider Rock, a firm focused on Options strategies.  A speaker at the conference, Eric shares some of what he spoke about at the conference re: the role that Options can play in portfolio protection and diversification.  Focusing on large RIA firms and family offices, they seek to create…

AltsLA Conference – with Dan Vetter, CFA, M360 Advisors

June 6, 2018

A speaker at the conference, Dan discusses how to create profits in a rising rate environment.  He briefly discusses M360’s private credit commercial real estate bridge loans.

AltsLA Conference – with Bill Kelly, CEO of CAIA

June 6, 2018

Conducted at the AltsLA Conference in March, here is a brief interview with Bill Kelly re: Alternative investments, the industry and the role of CAIA.  Bill was a speaker and panel moderator at the conference, and always has interesting insights to offer.

Stock Market Research & Management – Navellier & Associates – with Louis Navellier

June 4, 2018

Since 1980, Louis has been analyzing and recommending investments for his newsletter subscribers, and managing investments for institutions and individuals since 1987. Using Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis in a bottom-up process. Louis recommends equity and other investments to his subscribers and in his investment management service.  Louis seeks to find the inefficiencies and anomalies in…

Hybrid Equity & Commodity Trading Strategy – Incline Investment Management – with Ted Parkhill

May 21, 2018

Ted learned the investmentment industry from John W. Henry, successful Commodities Trader who now owns the Boston Globe , Boston Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, and other ventures.  In 2012 he formed Incline with his partner, and they created a unique strategy to combine equity investments together with Commodity Trading , and call it the…