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James Simons

Review of The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution by Gregory Zuckerman.

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This is How Much China’s Mutual Fund Industry Could Grow

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Liquid Alternative ETFs on Institutional Shopping Lists

McKinsey Report

McKinsey: North American AUM Hit $43 Trillion Last Year

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CEM Benchmarking: How REITs Match Up Against Other Investments

Simplifya Exec John Vardaman: Cannabis and Banking Bring Transparency

Simplifya Exec John Vardaman: Cannabis and Banking Bring Transparency

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Key Takeaways from Investor Day at Brookfield Asset Management

KKR & Co.

Melvin: Digesting KKR Earnings for Q3

Wall Street Journal

Melvin: Recapping the Blackstone Earnings Report

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Tim Melvin: The Case for Private Equity Replication

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“What’s Next? Investment Trends for the Future” – A New Study Gauges the Institutional View Three Decades Into the Future

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The DailyAlts Playbook – October 17, 2019