Artificial Intelligence: Adobe Announces Generative AI For Adobe Creative Cloud

Generative AI is a type of AI that uses unsupervised learning algorithms to create new digital images, video, audio, text or code.

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) has been researching Generative AI for its transformative potential to accelerate creativity and make it accessible to millions of people; for example, by speaking a few words to describe an image, and having the corresponding image magically produced on the computer screen by the AI.

It now intends to bring Generative AI to its creative tools.

Adobe said in a blog that it intended to lead technological transformation “by implementing Generative AI in our tools in a way that empowers artists and opens creativity to new people, but never seeks to replace human imagination and judgment.”

However, it will do so by leveraging standards under the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), an Adobe-led initiative with more than 800 partners working to increase trust online.

Adobe gave a hint of what Generative AI could do when integrated within its creative tools.

Adobe Photoshop: You get the AI to generate a few images, select one, and then use Photoshop’s full selection of tools to transform the AI-generated image into something that faithfully reflects your creative perspective.

Adobe Express: Meant for “less experienced” creators, AI inside Express could be used to generate a template by saying a prompt. The user could then use Generative AI to add an object to the scene, or create a unique text effect based on their description…and then use all of the Adobe Express tools for editing images, changing colors, and adding fonts to create the flyer, poster, or social media post they imagine.

Lightroom: Using generative AI, creators will be able to change a daytime scene to nighttime, change shadows and other details, and even expand a photo behind the scene they shot.

“We’re still early in our journey,” writes Adobe, but “as craft becomes less of an obstacle, the role of the creator — their vision, story, and imagination — becomes more — not less — important.”

“We believe the same will be true with Generative AI.”

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