Artificial Intelligence: AI Detection System To Help Humans And Tigers Co-Exist

TrailGuard AI is a highly innovative camera and AI-based real-time alert system.

In a groundbreaking development for wildlife conservation, the Global Tiger Forum, National Tiger Conservation Authority, the NGO RESOLVE, and Clemson University have introduced a cutting-edge AI-powered camera-alert system known as TrailGuard AI. This innovative technology is designed to enhance coexistence between tigers and humans, addressing the increasing challenge of human-wildlife conflict in India’s tiger habitats.

For years, conservationists and tiger biologists have yearned for a sophisticated camera-alert system capable of swiftly detecting tigers and other conflict-prone species, such as elephants, and instantly transmitting images to cell phones and computers. This wish has now become a reality. With the wild tiger population in India doubling over the past 12 years, the need for such a system has never been greater, particularly given that a significant portion of these tigers inhabit areas outside protected reserves. (3BL)

TrailGuard AI has demonstrated its effectiveness in real-world deployments within key tiger landscapes in India, including the Kanha-Pench Landscape and the Terai-Arc Landscape. It boasts impressive speed, with image transmission taking less than 30 seconds from motion detection to alerting authorities. Moreover, a single battery charge can transmit over 2,500 images.

The technology’s AI capabilities, developed with the support of Intel and CVEDIA, have evolved to detect a range of endangered wildlife species, including felids, canids, elephants, rhinos, bears, wild pigs, and more. It utilizes cellular communication where available, switching to long-range radio or satellite transmission in areas with no cell service.

This advancement couldn’t have come at a better time, as tiger populations are dwindling in many parts of their range. By providing real-time alerts and monitoring, TrailGuard AI equips park managers and communities to mitigate conflicts and promote coexistence, even in areas with limited staffing.

Furthermore, TrailGuard AI fosters community engagement by alerting villagers to the presence of tigers in multi-use areas, enhancing safety during activities like firewood gathering and livestock grazing.

The technology’s ability to monitor prey species is invaluable for predicting tiger population recovery. It aligns with the goals of the Global Tiger Forum and can be a vital tool for tiger range countries.

Manufactured in India, TrailGuard AI is set to revolutionize wildlife conservation by making advanced technology accessible, affordable, and easy to install. Its potential impact extends far beyond India, offering a promising solution for human-wildlife conflicts worldwide.

This  technology represents a significant leap forward in wildlife conservation, offering hope for the continued coexistence of tigers, elephants, and other large mammals in human-dominated landscapes. TrailGuard AI has the potential to be a game-changer in the fight to protect endangered species and promote harmony between humans and wildlife.

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