Artificial Intelligence: Got Procrastination? Get Help From These AI-Powered Glasses

If you’re unable to focus, Auctify’s AI-powered smart glasses will nudge you to get a move on.

Startup Auctify has developed Specs, special glasses that are fitted with a camera in their frame. The camera is unique because it can figure out what is occupying your attention currently – a laptop, book, or a person. It does this using machine learning. What’s more, the device also records this information and relays it to a connected app. At the end of the day, or anytime, the user can figure out where their time went. (The Verge)

Specs is currently in the prototype stage with a fully functional model already built and working. Auctify is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where Specs is listed as “the first productivity-boosting smart glasses.”


Anti-procrastination measures

The Specs glasses can give you all the statistics of where you wasted time that would have been better spent on your focus projects. It is presented in full-color piecharts, and you really have nowhere to hide from the AI-based precision of the thing!

According to Auctify founder and CTO Hisham El-Halabi, who was speaking to The Verge, the algorithms of the device can identify 20 different activities. These include reading, writing, looking at your phone, your laptop, watching TV, working out at the gym, doing yoga, cooking, playing an instrument, eating, and chatting to other people.

More will be added soon.

Users can classify various activities as productive or otherwise.

Apart from tracking your activities, the glasses can do a lot more.

Other benefits of Specs

The smart glasses can also help condition your mind to ignore distractions, set goals, and give you notifications for when you are distracted.

Speakers play music and the glasses also track your fitness through its inbuilt blood oximeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

Auctify is also loading the device with “mindfulness training,” a feature that will notify users to undertake beneficial activities such as deep breathing, meditation, working out, or reading.

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Image Credit: INDIEGOGO/Auctify, Inc      

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