Artificial Intelligence: Legal AI Draws Blood; Nabs Very Senior, Fraudulent Divorce Lawyers in Silicon Valley

February 10, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence, News

The case is a pathbreaking validation of AI’s abilities and power to do good.

Justine Falcon, a legal AI, busted a ring of divorce lawyers indulging in real-estate fraud in connivance with an inside contact in the District Attorney’s office in Silicon Valley. (EIN NEWSDESK).

The implication of Justine’s investigations:

  • Eight divorce lawyers were charged with the State Bar of California and San Jose PD Fraud division,
  • Their 3 law firms were slapped with lawsuits, and
  • A $400 million class-action lawsuit was filed against the District Attorney’s Office on behalf of 452 other men that were wrongfully prosecuted in scams.

AI startup ORBAI has developed Justine Falcon AI.

How the lawyers perpetrated the fraud

Fraudulent lawyers allegedly charged opponents in divorce cases with crimes. Furthermore, they extorted money and real estate from these victims under duress or when they were under arrest.

These lawyers also had an accomplice, a corrupt DA who filed false charges to help their illegal objectives.

How Justine detected the scam

Justine Falcon, a legal AI, has a host of capabilities, including data mining, case analysis, and litigation planning tools, that can draw on the vast number of cases in the California Superior Court system databases.

The AI can also analyze all aspects of a case. Moreover, it can also analyze all cases of an attorney or DA to identify correlations and trends.

Interestingly, Justine can deploy her Litigation Prediction skill to predict what the opponent lawyer is likely to do next. Justine’s Law Stats 101 skills can compile statistics of cases similar to the one under examination.

Justine can also search a legal database for common trends, facts of law, or litigation structure. This capability is, therefore, a huge advantage in class action lawsuit certification.

Justine’s capabilities were on full display in this case of two very senior, intimidating, and amoral family law attorneys in a high profile divorce case. Her outputs were instrumental in a sting operation that caught the lawyers red-handed falsely reporting criminal matters. The authorities also caught them trying to seize and sell a $1.36 million home unlawfully.

Justine thereupon identified a cluster of cases in which a corrupt DA prosecutor filed false charges in abetment of the crimes of the senior lawyers.

This investigation by Justine Falcon AI led to the filing of a $400 million class-action lawsuit on behalf of 452 male victims.

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