Artificial Intelligence: Saudi General Hospital UAE to Deploy AI-Powered Software Bots

August 14, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence, News

The hospital group is collaborating with the U.S.-based Automation Anywhere for the purpose.

The Saudi German Hospitals UAE has announced a collaboration with Automation Anywhere for the installation of software bots to automate various business processes and thereby improve patient care standards. (GULF NEWS)

Digital software workers

The softbots from Automation Anywhere will modernize the typical patient touchpoints in the hospital. These include patient onboarding, insurance billings, office management operations, and other financial processes.

Advansys ESC (which deployed the bots), Saudi German Hospitals UAE and Automation Anywhere also worked together to identify other automation opportunities such as in its insurance and finance departments. These are typically high-volume manual processes including insurance eligibility, insurance pre-authorization, and patient enrollment.

“The AI will act as a catalyst to leverage data analytics and better understand the healthcare needs of its customers/patient base, thus empowering SGH UAE to curate personalized care plans, adapt evidence-based practice, predict disease courses and much more to take the healthcare experience and delivery to the next level,” said Engr. Sobhi Batterjee – Chairman – Saudi German Hospitals Group.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by Automation Anywhere uses software bots to perform repetitive and manual tasks. This results in significant productivity gains, optimized customer experience, and more engaged employees.

Bots to enhance hospital processes

“The addition of newest Automation capabilities will allow SGH hospital to add value and support caregivers in the treatment process by providing deeper insights on the patient’s specific condition, lifestyle &  patient behavior in real-time,” said Dr. Reem Osman – Group CEO- Saudi German Hospitals UAE. “The cognitive and AI technology infusion will empower our Intelligent Patient Platform to expand competencies and deliver better outcomes.”

Automation Anywhere’s web-based and cloud-native intelligent automation platform combines RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. The system helps organizations rapidly start and scale their process automation journey.

AI will not replace doctors

However, Dr. Osman is categorical that AI will never replace doctors.

The objective of deploying the software bots is to automate manual and time-intensive tasks and therefore free up staff for more qualitative patient care.

“Medical systems impacted by the global pandemic are seeing how automation technology can have a huge impact on a patient’s progress by implementing bots for processes, such as simplifying patient appointment scheduling, streamlining account settlements, and managing healthcare workflows,” said Milan Sheth, executive vice president, IMEA at Automation Anywhere. “All of this time saved can go right back into patient care.”

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