Artificial Intelligence: Startup Kogniz Uses AI With Health Cams to Detect Fever

April 2, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence, News

In these days of the pandemic, the system detects fever in a crowd.

Kogniz, a startup based in Mill Valley, California, has launched a tool to detect people who may be suffering from the deadly coronavirus. Using high technology cameras and an AI-based software platform, Kogniz’s system can identify an infected person. They can then be stopped from entering the building. (San Francisco Business Times)

AI to lend a hand in virus detection

“The AI is optimized to find people and then look first at their head and then, if it can, it will look at their eyes, which will give us the most accurate absolute reading for temperature,” said Dan Putterman, co-founder and co-CEO of Kogniz to the San Francisco Business Times.

In the future, according to Putterman, fever monitoring could be an essential means to control the current pandemic and future such occurrences.

How Kogniz’s fever detection works

The Kogniz Health system monitors people’s body temperature continuously in real-time as they enter a building or area. It uses AI and the Kogniz Cloud to quickly identify persons with high temperatures. It also pinpoints other people who may have come in contact with the symptomatic persons.

Further, it is nearly impossible to individually scan all the people entering a facility because of manpower, financial and technological constraints.

This system is, therefore, very useful for the rapid detection and isolation of persons symptomatic of the coronavirus, flu or other epidemics.

The technology

Using the high-accuracy Kogniz Health Cam, which is a thermal camera, the system captures and displays the image of anyone suffering from high body temperature. A nearby device in a tablet form factor can display these images and data.

The system issues alerts on SMS, mobile push and Slack. It even plays the live video stream, including temperature,  on the Kogniz Health display.

furthermore, users can view the stream remotely in the Kogniz mobile app and web interface.


Daniel Putterman founded Kogniz in 2016, according to Crunchbase. It’s currently in seed funding status, and last raised $4 million on October 16, 2018, in a seed round.

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