Artificial Intelligence: BuzzFeed Launches Botatouille, An AI-Based Culinary Companion

It’s another move by BuzzFeed to make its content more fun.

BuzzFeed has unveiled Botatouille, an AI-powered recipe generator designed to provide personalized meal suggestions based on the ingredients available in users’ refrigerators. The platform also features a chatbot feature, allowing users to ask culinary questions while cooking.

The launch of Botatouille is part of BuzzFeed’s strategy to leverage AI-generated content, including games and quizzes, to engage users after shutting down its news division earlier this month.

Botatouille is Tasty’s innovative AI sous chef and the brand’s inaugural AI utility product, which highlights the positive impact of artificial intelligence. Tasty is an app and division of Buzzfeed that has enjoyed hypergrowth with its food-related video content.

Botatouille offers a range of helpful features, including food and recipe searches, meal planning, and the ability to find recipes based on the ingredients available in your refrigerator. This AI-powered assistant will be available within the Tasty app, specifically for the brand’s devoted users, enabling them to have a personalized culinary companion right on their smartphones. Whether you’re in the kitchen, at the grocery store, or on the move, Botatouille ensures that you have a dedicated culinary assistant by your side.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti had previously told investors that the company aims to make the internet more enjoyable for users, as many are tired of negative news dominating their social media feeds. By offering entertaining and fun content, BuzzFeed hopes to attract and retain users on its platform.

This move follows an announcement made by Peretti in January, revealing that AI had already been used to enhance BuzzFeed’s content and quizzes.

Peretti also shut down BuzzFeed News, despite its Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporting, and the decision met with much disappointment from employees and criticism of Peretti’s leadership. Some argued that the layoffs reflected a devaluation of workers and a willingness to replace humans with AI technology.

BuzzFeed is not the only media company facing challenges in the evolving digital landscape. Other news sites, such as Vice and Insider, have also experienced difficulties as audiences and advertisers shift towards video platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Vice media even filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after implementing substantial job cuts and canceling its flagship news program.

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