Artificial Intelligence: Candela Presents Electric “Flying Boat” Running On An AI-Powered Hydrofoil System

The hydrofoil system lifts the boat well above the water’s surface, cutting friction by up to 80%.

Swedish electric boat maker Candela Speed Boat AB presented its Candela C-7 boat at the Venice Boat Show on Tuesday. It is described as an entirely new type of watercraft equipped with the world’s first active hydrofoil system. The AI-powered hydrofoil lifts the hull of the C-7 completely above the surface of the water. This cuts friction by 80% and allows the boat a longer range on battery power. (The Daily Mail)

The Candela C-7

This electric boat has a range of 50 nautical miles and boasts a maximum speed of 30 knots. It offers an almost completely silent driving experience and a very smooth ride even in choppy waters.

The manufacturers have incorporated fighter jet technology and airplane design into the structure of the boat, which is extremely light while still being rigid and strong.  Because the C-7’s hull is made of vacuum-infused carbon fiber the boat weighs much less than similar crafts.

The hydrofoil system is AI and computer-controlled, while the boat’s controls include touchscreen surfaces. The boat is connected to the cloud and this allows for wireless updates and remote servicing to ensure the craft is always at peak performance.

Because the boat would be “flying” above the water, it has a digital flight controller that uses ultrasonic sensors, gyros, accelerometers, and GPS to measure its position, speed, and acceleration. The AI adjusts the foils automatically 100 times a second to ensure a smooth ride for passengers.

Highly energy-efficient and emission-free

Because the C-7 is all-electric, it has no wake, is emission-free, does not disturb marine life nor creates any sound pollution.

The boat is also very energy-efficient – at 20 knots, its energy usage per nautical mile is just 0.8 kWh. That’s equivalent to the energy content of just 0.1 L of gasoline.

The asking price for the Candela C-7 is around £ 192,000.

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Image Credit: Candela Twitter      

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