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The global alternative investment space now sits at more than $9 trillion in global assets, and we’re just getting started. Roughly 40% of RIAs are using alternative investments. With the RIA space expanding and alternative investment demand rising among investors – a surge in data, news, and opinion will continue. This channel cuts through the noise to give you the most important actionable insight.

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Alternative Investments/Digital: The Wave BTC Income & Growth Fund Clocks 146% Return

January 27, 2021

The numbers are out for the Wave BTC Income & Growth Digital Fund’s first full year of trading, and they’re impressive. The fund scored a 145.8% annual gain for its investors which include institutions, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.


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More Stories on Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments/ESG: DWS Launches ESG-Themed Bond And Equity ETFs

September 10, 2020

DWS, one of the world’s leading asset managers, has launched a USD corporate bond ETF and a euro-hedged global equity ETF under its Xtrackers ESG banner.

Alternative Investments/ESG: AUM At The UBS S&P 500 ESG UCITS ETF Touches $1B

September 9, 2020

The S&P 500 ESG UCITS ETF from UBS Asset Management was the first passive ETF to impart the Environment-Social-Governance (ESG) screen to the S&P 500 equity index. In a statement, UBS Asset Management said the ETF had passed the milestone of $ 1 billion in assets under management.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Here’s Japan’s First ESG-Focused REIT ETF From Nikko

September 8, 2020

The Listed Index Fund Nikkei ESG REIT (2566 JP) launched by Nikko Asset Management has begun to trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with effect from September 7. It is the first Japanese ETF that provides investors the opportunity to invest in the country’s real estate investment trust market with a sustainable approach.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Thematic Specialist Rize Floats Sustainable Foods ETF

September 4, 2020

Rize is Europe’s first specialist thematic ETF issuer. The firm aims to provide investors access to the most ground-breaking megatrends shaping the planet, and to companies that have the potential to become the growth stories of tomorrow. It announced twin ETFs on the themes of sustainable food and digital education.

Alternative Investments: Somerset Capital’s New Fund To Pick ESG Winners in EM

September 3, 2020

The Somerset Emerging Markets Future Leaders UCITS Fund, a new fund from Somerset Capital Management, seeks to generate returns from the growth potential in small and medium-sized ESG-friendly companies in emerging markets across the globe. Swedish national pension fund Första AP-fonden (AP1) has already provided seed capital of about $ 350 million to the fund. (Investment Week)

Alternative Investments/ESG: BMO Global Launches China A-Shares Fund

September 2, 2020

BMO Global Asset Management has expanded its range of 14 Responsible Investment products with the launch last week of the BMO LGM Responsible China A-Shares Equity fund. The ESG-oriented fund will invest in the top Chinese stocks that feature strong corporate governance and management of social and environmental issues.

Alternative Investments/ESG: HSBC GAM Launches Sustainable Equity UCITS ETF

August 28, 2020

The HSBC Asia Pacific ex Japan Sustainable Equity UCITS ETF is a low-cost, passive investing vehicle for exposure to Asia Pacific equities ex Japan. It tracks customized FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan ESG Low Carbon Emissions Select Index, an index that integrates ESG (environmental, social and governance), carbon emissions, and fossil fuel reserves considerations.

Private Equity: Nutanix Gets $750 Million Investment from Bain Capital

August 28, 2020

Private Equity: Nutanix Gets $750 Million Investment from Bain Capital Nutanix — a leading cloud computing company — announced Bain Capital Private Equity’s $750 million investment in the company.  Chairman and CEO of Nutanix Dheeraj Pandey claimed “Bain Capital Private Equity has deep technology investing experience and a strong track record of helping companies scale…Bain…

Alternative Investments: SEC Revamps Definition of “Accredited Investor” For Private Capital Markets

August 27, 2020

The SEC on Wednesday amended its definition of “accredited investor,” a term that drew a line between high-earning, deep-pocketed investors and retail investors for access to often lucrative opportunities in the private capital markets. Also known as “alternative investments,” these markets include, for example, venture capital, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate.

Hedge Funds: Hedge Funds Mount Pressure on EU Loophole

August 27, 2020

Hedge Funds: Hedge Funds Mount Pressure on EU Loophole European regulators are attempting to close a loophole that allows front-running.  The London Stock Exchange Group and Euronext NV claim that the EU should instill more restrictions to monitor brokers’ trades on price inquiries from their clients.  However, traders will gain knowledge from a security before…

Hedge Funds: Hedge Fund Gains from Wildfires Bet

August 26, 2020

Hedge Funds: Hedge Fund Gains from Wildfires Bet Prominent hedge fund Baupost Group received over $3 billion in July from its bet on insurance claims.  These claims were targeted against PG&E Corp. which was connected to California wildfires.  Baupost Group saw a massive profit from this buyout.  According to Bloomberg, Baupost bought some of the…

Alternative Investments/ESG: Global AUM in ESG ETFs and ETPs Shoots Past $100B End-July

August 26, 2020

ETFGI reports that inflows into global ESG ETFs and ETPs during the month of July were $6.76 billion. That brought the total inflows into these funds for the year 2020 to date to a record of $38.78 billion, more than triple the figure of $12.37 billion in 2019 at the same time. In another indicator of the bullish fervor in favor of ESG, inflows for the first seven months of the year have already far exceeded the inflows of $26.71 billion received during the entirety of 2019.

Private Equity: Private Equity to Invest More in Women’s Healthcare

August 25, 2020

Private Equity: Private Equity to Invest More in Women’s Healthcare Private equity has already heavily invested in the healthcare industry, but women’s healthcare has been overlooked.  However, there has been a “substantial increase” in women’s health providers connected to private equity companies.  According to researchers, 17 of the 24 women’s health companies that gained private…

Hedge Funds: Hedge Funds Hesitant on Gold

August 25, 2020

Hedge Funds: Hedge Funds Hesitant on Gold Hedge funds have reduced their focus on gold as the market for gold has become more turbulent.  The CFTC illustrated that money managers decreased their gross long positions.  Comex gold futures shrunk by 4,402 contracts to a total of 151,016.  Short bets fell by 2,148.   Gold’s net length…

Hedge Funds: Hedge Fund to Close Following Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy

August 24, 2020

Hedge Funds: Hedge Fund to Close Following Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy Hedge fund Marble Ridge Capital plans to divest following questionable actions taken by managing partner Dan Kamensky.  These actions were in relation to the Neiman Marcus bankruptcy.  According to a statement by Marble Ridge, “After much consideration, and in light of the operating environment, we…

Private Equity: Vista Private Equity Founder Under Investigation 

August 24, 2020

Private Equity: Vista Private Equity Founder Under Investigation  Private equity investor Robert Smith is currently under investigation regarding his taxes.  Smith gained recognition when he donated to Morehouse College’s graduating class.  Federal investigators are trying to figure out whether Robert Smith paid his taxes on assets worth millions of dollars.  Smith is currently innocent and…

Artificial Intelligence: How Service-Driven Businesses Can Delight Customers

August 21, 2020

Bernard Marr, writing in Forbes, says artificial intelligence is helping service-oriented businesses to up their game in terms of customer satisfaction (nay, delight). He goes a step further to observe that services can even uncover new offerable services using AI and thereby generate additional revenue streams. Here are three tips from Marr on using AI to bowl over customers.

Hedge Funds: Investors Gain Interest in Hedge Funds Amid Pandemic

August 21, 2020

Hedge Funds: Investors Gain Interest in Hedge Funds Amid Pandemic Investors now plan to put more cash into hedge funds rather than less.  This has not occurred in years.  For instance, a survey by Preqin showed that 44 percent of hedge fund investors plan to invest in hedge funds in the next year.  This is…

Private Equity: HSBC Closes Second Private Equity Fund

August 21, 2020

Private Equity: HSBC Closes Second Private Equity Fund HSBC has raised $260 million for its second Vision Private Equity fund.  Last year, HSBC’s private equity fund closed at $250 million.  The strategy for this fund is to make primary and secondary co-investments.  These investments will be made globally and across various sectors and strategies.   This…

Alternative Investments/Digital Assets: CoinShares ETPs’ AUM Hits $1B

August 20, 2020

CoinShares’ bouquet of XBT Provider Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) has grossed AUM of above $1 billion. CoinShares is Europe’s largest digital asset manager and allows trading in a range of ETPs to investors.

FinTech/Alternative Investments: Real Estate Loan Investing Platform PeerStreet Launches Credit Fund

August 20, 2020

PeerStreet, a platform for investing in real estate backed loans, was a pioneer in the field of fractional investing in real estate loans. The crowdfunding platform made the process of investing in real estate loans as simple as buying stocks. It offered investors the resources to create and structure their own customized real estate debt investment portfolios. In response to investor demand, PeerStreet has now launched the Peer Street Credit Opportunity, LP.

Hedge Funds: Citi Wins Battle Against Hedge Fund and Creditors 

August 20, 2020

Hedge Funds: Citi Wins Battle Against Hedge Fund and Creditors  Citigroup won its battle to regain $900 million that it sent to cosmetic company Revlon creditors.  Citi accidentally sent this money and intended to recover the funds as soon as possible.   In addition, a U.S. judge blocked hedge fund Brigade Capital from doing anything…

Private Equity: Onex Corporation Promotes Le Blanc to President

August 20, 2020

Private Equity: Onex Corporation Promotes Le Blanc to President Private equity firm Onex has promoted Bobby Le Blanc to president.  He will now oversee all business ventures and will serve as head of Onex Partners.  Le Blanc will also be in charge of reporting to Chairman and CEO Gerry Schwartz.  According to Schwartz, “Having joined…

Hedge Funds: Citibank Accidentally sends $175 Million to Brigade Capital

August 19, 2020

Lawsuit Follows Mistaken Payment.  Citibank accidentally wired $175 million to Brigade Capital Management.  The hedge fund has not returned the money, which led Citibank to file a lawsuit.  The bank hopes to get the money back and argue that it was an “operational mistake.”  In court documents, Citibank explained that its intention was to send…