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The global alternative investment space now sits at more than $9 trillion in global assets, and we’re just getting started. Roughly 40% of RIAs are using alternative investments. With the RIA space expanding and alternative investment demand rising among investors – a surge in data, news, and opinion will continue. This channel cuts through the noise to give you the most important actionable insight.

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Alternative Investments/ESG: SP Funds Unveils Shariah-Compliant Global Tech ETF

December 5, 2023

SP Funds has expanded its suite of Sharia-compliant funds with the launch of The SP Funds S&P Global Technology ETF (SPTE) on the New York Stock Exchange. As North America’s largest family of Shariah-compliant exchange-traded funds (ETFs), SP Funds aims to provide investors access to cutting-edge technological advancements through SPTE.


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Alternative Investments/Digital: BlackRock Launches Metaverse ETF

December 9, 2022

BlackRock has issued the iShares Metaverse UCITS ETF, which offers investors an ESG-screened exposure to small, mid, and large capitalization developed and emerging market companies which invest in the development of certain metaverse related technologies such as virtual reality, 3D image modelling, avatar, graphics processing unit, blockchain and non-fungible tokens.

Alternative Investments/Real Estate: Dimensional Launches Global Real Estate ETF

December 8, 2022

Dimensional Fund Advisors has added a real estate ETF to its ETF line-up. The Dimensional Global Real Estate ETF offers investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of US and international real estate equities. The fund is a systematic active transparent ETFs built on Dimensional’s foundational investment approach that the firm has continuously refined over its 41-year history.

Alternative Investments/ESG: DWS Launches Paris-Aligned Emerging Market Equity ETF

December 6, 2022

DWS has launched the Xtrackers Emerging Markets Net Zero Pathway Paris Aligned UCITS ETF listed on Deutsche Boerse and the London Stock Exchange, with other exchanges to follow. Providing exposure to emerging market equities the ETF aims to achieve 50% lower carbon use amongst its constituents.

Alternative Investments: Nicholas Wealth Management Launches Fixed Income Alternative ETF

December 2, 2022

Nicholas Wealth Management has launched its inaugural ETF. The Nicholas Fixed Income Alternative ETF (FIAX US), listed on NYSE Arca, will provide investors with income from short-term US Treasuries as well as an options-based sleeve.

Alternative Investments/ESG: ProShares Launches New ETF For Opportunities In Battery Metals

December 2, 2022

ProShares has launched the ProShares S&P Global Core Battery Metals ETF ION which will invest in companies that supply the raw metals needed to power the batteries used in the rising number of electric vehicles, laptops, smartphones, and energy storage devices. These are typically metals such as lithium, nickel, or cobalt used in the batteries required to power electric vehicles and other devices.

Alternative Investments/AI: Global X Japan Debuts ETF For Autonomous And Electric Vehicles

November 28, 2022

Global X Japan has launched the Global X Autonomous & EV ETF on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO: 2867). The thematic ETF targets opportunities in the rapidly evolving automotive industry due to the disruption of the internal combustion engine by autonomous and electric modes of transport.

Alternative Investments/ESG: HSBC Lists Five Shariah-Compliant ESG Equity ETFs On European Exchanges

November 28, 2022

Five new ETFs from HSBC aim to provide investors with exposure to ESG-enhanced, Shariah-compliant exposure to stocks. Two of the new ETFs are already listed on the London Stock Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, or Euronext Paris.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Investment Advisory Wahed Launches Shariah And US Equity ETP

November 21, 2022

A new ETP (Exchange Traded Product) launched by Wahed, a registered investment advisor focused on Halal investments, will invest in US stocks that have passed through a screening process to determine their Shariah status. The ETP, named the Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF, has listed on the LSE.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Vanguard Unveils ESG Corporate Bond ETFs In Europe

November 21, 2022

Vanguard, the fund manager with assets of over $8 trillion under management, has launched two ESG-tilted, corporate bond ETFs denominated in EUR and USD respectively, for European investors. The funds are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Boerse, Borsa Italiana, SIX Swiss and Euronext Amsterdam bourses.

Alternative Investments/ESG: BlackRock Debuts An Environmentally Focused REIT ETF

November 21, 2022

iShares, the ETF unit of BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), launched last week the iShares Environmentally Aware Real Estate ETF (NASDAQ: ERET). The ETF will invest in REIT and real estate holding and development companies that have a sustainability focus and are environment-friendly – specifically, companies with an increased exposure to green certification and energy efficiency. According to the Fund, buildings are the source of 37% of global carbon emissions.

Alternative Investments/AI: Arta Finance Nabs $90M For Opening Up An AI-Powered Family Office To All Comers

November 4, 2022

Arta, a Mountain View, Calif., based startup that calls itself a Digital Family Office, has come out of stealth and announced a raise of over $90 million from Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Coatue Management and more than 140 angel investors.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Hypatia, A New Fund Manager, Files For ETF On Women CEOs

November 3, 2022

Hypatia Capital Management boasts of a network of CEO-Level women, asset managers, and public board members that form its collaborative platform. The firm has formulated the Hypatia Women CEO Index (HWCEO), which is designed to measure the performance of female leadership in publicly traded companies. Hypatia has filed with the SEC for the launch of the Hypatia Women CEO ETF (ticker WCEO).

Alternative Investments/ESG: Dimensional Announces Equity ETFs Targeting Carbon Emissions

November 3, 2022

Dimensional Fund Advisors launched three new ETFs offering broadly diversified exposure to U.S., developed international, and emerging markets equities while applying climate-focused sustainability considerations – in particular, a reduction in carbon emissions exposure. The ETFs were listed on the NYSE on Wednesday and have net expense ratios varying from 0.18% to 0.41%.

Alternative Investments: Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) Of Illinois Plugs $1.5B Into Alternative Investments

November 1, 2022

Teachers Retirement Systems (TRS) said its long-term funded ratio rose 1.3% during fiscal year 2022 to 43.8%, above TRS’ average funded ratio of 40.7% over the past decade. The Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) of the State of Illinois said it allocated nearly $1.5 billion to alternative investments, out of the $2.6 billion it committed since…

Alternative Investments/ESG: VanEck Launches Thematic ETF Focusing On The Circular Economy

October 27, 2022

VanEck Asset Management has launched the VanEck Circular Economy UCITS ETF (REUS), a thematic ETF focusing on the circular economy that keeps materials, products, and services in circulation for as long possible. The ETF is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Global X Launches Green Metals ETF In Australia

October 26, 2022

Global X ETFs Australia, which is a part of international investment manager Mirae Asset Financial, has launched the Global X Green Metal Miners ETF (ASX: GMTL). The new ETF provides investors with exposure to international companies producing critical metals for clean energy infrastructure and technologies, including lithium, copper, nickel, rare earths and cobalt. These are all minerals used extensively in the production, transmission and storage of renewable energy, and which will be instrumental in worldwide efforts to fight global warming as governments and companies alike strive to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Alternative Investments/ESG: IndexIQ Launches High Yield And Equity ESG Funds

October 25, 2022

IndexIQ has launched the IQ MacKay ESG High Income ETF (IQHI) and the IQ Candriam ESG U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF (IQSM). The funds expand further the firm’s existing lineup of ESG investment solutions.

Alternative Investments/ESG: VanEck Launches “Green Infrastructure” Equity ETF

October 20, 2022

VanEck, an asset manager with $60.8 billion under management, announced the launch of of VanEck Green Infrastructure ETF (NASDAQ: RNEW), an equity ETF offering exposure to companies that would address the huge opportunity in making U.S. infrastructure more “green” and sustainable.

Alternative Investments/ESG: HSBC Launches Four ESG ETFs Across Value And Small Caps

October 20, 2022

HSBC Asset Management has launched in London four ESG focused ETFs. Two of these are equity value-oriented and span World and Emerging Markets respectively. The other two are equity small-cap oriented and similarly invest across World and Emerging Markets.

Alternative Investments/ESG: New Paris-Aligned World Equity ETF From Goldman Sachs

October 19, 2022

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has launched the Goldman Sachs Paris-Aligned Climate World Equity UCITS ETF (WRLD) on the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Boerse. WRLD is labelled ‘light green’ Article 8 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Alternative Investments: Desjardins Launches New Long-Short Alternative ETF

October 17, 2022

Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc announced the launch of the new Desjardins Alt Long/Short Global Equity Markets ETF comprising two classes of units, the CA$ hedged units (“DAMG”) and the US$ hedged units (“DAMG.U”). The ETF, which joined the Desjardins Alternative ETFs line-up, began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange with effect from October 14.

Alternative Investments/ESG: Harbor Capital Launches US Equity ETF Focusing On Corporate Culture

October 17, 2022

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. has launched the Harbor Corporate Culture ETF (NYSEARCA: HAPI) to give investors the ability to access the power of a company’s most important asset – its people, based on the premise that “doing the right thing pays and is strongly linked to future investment performance.”

Alternative Investments/ESG: VanEck Australia Launches Global Carbon Credits ETF

October 14, 2022

VanEck Australia has launched the VanEck Global Carbon Credits ETF (ASX:XCO2), a new global carbon credits based ETF that will allow retail investors in Australia exposure to international carbon credit markets. The ETF is a valuable diversification for these investors because the local bourse is heavily dominated by climate-sensitive sectors and companies in mining, energy and other resources.

Alternative Investments/ESG: KraneShares Launches ETF Focused On Metals Required For The Energy Transition

October 14, 2022

Asset management firm Kranes Funds Advisors LLC launched on Thursday the KraneShares Electrification Metals ETF (NYSE: KMET) on the New York Stock Exchange. The ETF offers exposure to the core metals expected to see strong demand from a range of electrification uses including EVs and their batteries, transmission and distribution grids, electrical wiring, and in solar panels and wind turbines.