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Artificial Intelligence News: AI will add $15 trillion to the global economy (according to Gartner) by 2030. This fast-moving, technological breakthrough is powering the next industrial revolution and will disrupt the global economy in unforeseen ways. The DailyAlts AI channel tracks the latest developments, capital flows, technological advancements, and other influences that will transform the 2020s.

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Artificial Intelligence: AMD Takes On Rivals In The AI Chip Sweepstakes

December 7, 2023

Chipmaker AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) has unveiled a range of innovative AI solutions spanning from data centers to personal computers. The AMD Instinct MI300 Series features data center AI accelerators, while the ROCm 6 open software stack introduces new features supporting Large Language Models (LLMs). Additionally, the Ryzen 8040 Series processors come equipped with Ryzen AI capabilities.


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Artificial Intelligence: accessiBE’s AI Makes the Web Accessible to the Differently-Abled

April 13, 2020

The net has become indispensable over the years, and especially more so during these days of social isolation and lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, consider the plight of the blind and deaf, people with motor and cognitive disabilities, and those suffering from handicaps due to old age. They are unable to use the net because most websites are not designed for use by the “differently-abled.” accessiBE uses AI to make websites fully accessible.

Artificial Intelligence: How AI Could Change Our Lives Forever

April 9, 2020

The coronavirus will have a dual and adverse impact on people across the globe. Not only will it impact lives through sickness and death, but it will also dramatically damage their economic well-being. Technological innovation comes to the fore at the time of such pivotal crises. While cloud computing burst on the scene after the 2008 financial crisis, it may be AI’s turn to take center stage amidst, and after, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence: Google Apologises for Racist Bias in Result From Algo

April 8, 2020

Google Vision Cloud, a “computer vision” service that utilizes AI to label images, was found to produce different results depending on the subject’s skin color. Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) apologized after AlgorithmWatch published the racist results of the experiment on Twitter. (AlgorithmWatch)

Artificial Intelligence: Can AI Predict a Child’s Future? No, it Can’t.

April 7, 2020

A study attempted to predict the future of children. Social scientists from Princeton ran an experiment with 160 teams to find out if a method existed to forecast how a child would do in later life.
What would be the child’s grade point average score? Could the family be evicted from their home? Each team had access to 15 years of data and was free to use any predictive tool they thought fit. Result: No team turned out even remotely successful.

Artificial Intelligence: Survivors of Concentration Camps and Genocide Record Their Stories for Posterity

April 6, 2020

Heather Maio, who has for years worked with exhibits related to the Holocaust, initiated a project to record interviews with survivors of the horrific genocide. These interviews would be interactive, with the viewer (the “interviewer”) getting the impression that the Holocaust survivor is sitting across and answering questions as they are lobbed.

Artificial Intelligence: AI to Help Analyze Large Images from Aerial Sources

April 3, 2020

L3Harris Technologies Inc (NYSE: LHX), a global aerospace and defense technology company, is building a new platform that will apply AI to help make sense of aerial data for the military. L3Harris will create the training data and workflows that will enable a machine learning tool to process data for the Department of Defense and derive actionable intelligence from it.

Artificial Intelligence: Startup Kogniz Uses AI With Health Cams to Detect Fever

April 2, 2020

Kogniz, a startup based in Mill Valley, California, has launched a tool to detect people who may be suffering from the deadly coronavirus. Using high technology cameras and an AI-based software platform, Kogniz’s system can identify an infected person. They can then be stopped from entering the building.

Artificial Intelligence: AI Can Provide Advance Warning of Diabetes, the Silent Killer

April 1, 2020

Researchers at the Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Kanazawa, Japan, trained a computer model to flag patients likely to be afflicted by diabetes. The process, called machine learning, teaches an AI algorithm to recognize patterns from historical data. When running on live data, the algorithm can recognize the patterns it has learned and issue an alert, for example, on the potential for contracting a disease such as diabetes.

Artificial Intelligence: AI-based Study of Newly Infected Coronavirus Patients Predicts Severity of Disease

March 31, 2020

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool to reliably predict which of newly turned positive coronavirus patients would develop acute respiratory distress. In a surprise revelation, the study also found that the common symptoms relied upon to determine future COVID severity were not the best indicators.

Artificial Intelligence: Using Home-specific Weather Data With AI to Boost Lithium Solar Batteries

March 30, 2020

The usage of solar batteries varies widely from home to home. That’s because each home is different – from the roof’s orientation and pitch to nearby trees that cast a shadow on the panels, even weather conditions. Optimizing solar battery usage to adjust for such variables, amidst real-time and in changing weather conditions, is a challenge. IBM (NYSE: IBM) is combining weather data and AI to solve this.

Artificial Intelligence: Using AI to Unearth Unexploded Bombs in Cambodia

March 27, 2020

The demining of the Vietnam war era bombs in Cambodia has so far been ineffective. Machine learning and AI may help. Researchers have now combined artificial intelligence, satellite images, and declassified US military records in a model to unearth these lurking dangers to life and limb.

Artificial Intelligence: AI Tool For Diagnosing COVID-19 Made Publicly Available For Development

March 26, 2020

Linda Wang and Alexander Wong, researchers at the Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute, Canada, have developed COVID-Net, a Deep Convolutional Neural Network designed to detect COVID-19 cases from chest X-rays. For a deeper understanding, and further development of the AI network, the researchers have open-sourced and made it available to the general public.

Artificial Intelligence: Mobile AI and ML Platform Fritz Raises $5 Million

March 25, 2020

Mobile AI and machine learning startup Fritz AI will use the $5 million it raised in its recent funding to expand and accelerate its product launch. The round was led by Foundry Group. NextGen Venture Partners, Inner Loop Capital, Eniac Ventures, Uncork Capital, and Hack VC also participated in the funding.

Artificial Intelligence: An AI Bot Will Design the Next-Gen AI Chips

March 24, 2020

Chips specifically designed for artificial intelligence applications are very time-intensive to design and develop. Unfortunately, by the time these chips are ready for use, machine learning algorithms have moved on, becoming faster and more advanced. Result: the chips are no longer relevant.
By cutting down the time taken during the chip design cycle, this lagging anomaly could be solved. Then Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) hit upon the solution. Using AI for the design process.

Artificial Intelligence: AI and Robotics In the Frontline Against Coronavirus

March 23, 2020

AI can help cut crucial research time in the search for a cure. Robots reduce infections by minimizing physical contact.
Mankind is under assault from the highly infectious and dangerous coronavirus. At the time of writing confirmed infections include 339,035. Nearly 15,000 people have died, and only 98,799 have recovered. The most pressing priority in the battle against this disease is to reduce the rate of infections. Equally important, a vaccine must be found to immunize humans against the virus. Robotics and artificial intelligence are already helping on these fronts.

FinTech: Aussie Telco Software Company ZipTel Acquires Financial Wellness Company Douugh Ltd

March 23, 2020

Ziptel Ltd (ASX: ZIP), an Australian owned and operated telecommunications business that provides international roaming and calling solutions, is changing its business model. It is acquiring the entire share capital of Douugh Ltd, a fintech that helps people achieve financial wellness. On completion of the acquisition, ZipTel’s name would change to ASX: DOU. In this new avatar, ZipTel would become a financial software and services company.

Artificial Intelligence: Each of Us Can Help Predict The Spread of the Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

Roni Rosenfeld is a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. He leads the University’s machine learning department and Delphi research group. The latter has won kudos for its accurate predictions for the spread of the flu. Rosenfeld, at the behest of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will now bring his phenomenal AI skills to mapping and predicting the spread of the coronavirus. In an interview with Vox, Rosenberg talks to Sigal Samuel about his new responsibility, the use of machine learning and inputs from common people to map the likely advance of the deadly coronavirus.

Artificial Intelligence: AI and Ethics

March 19, 2020

Ethics is defined as the moral principles governing the behavior or actions of an individual or a group. When we invent a technology, it must function ethically. Logically, it will follow the moral principles and standards of its creator. Therefore, if we are mindful of our ethical and moral obligations to society, these concerns will find their way into the functioning, and use, of the technology, for example, artificial intelligence.
How should we ensure that we are ethical in our use of artificial intelligence? According to Andrew Brockway, CTO,, there are five questions to ask ourselves.

Artificial Intelligence: AI-Controlled Robot Tanks Soon

March 18, 2020

Robot tanks will soon enter the battlefield. Using AI, their operators will command the robots to perform surveillance, acquire targets, even fire weapons.
The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is working on a project to control unmanned robotic vehicles using an AI-powered interface. These “forward operating” vehicles would perform a variety of functions in response to commands from a manned vehicle such as a tank.

Artificial Intelligence: The White House Spearheads Global Effort to Analyze Coronavirus Research Database for Clues

March 17, 2020

The White House, the crème-de-la-crème of tech companies, universities and health institutes are in a race against time to stop coronavirus in its tracks.
About 29,000 articles and research papers on the deadly coronavirus have been amassed into a research database titled COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). It is the most comprehensive coronavirus-related collection of literature compiled till date. Best of all, it is machine-readable, rendering it ideal for analysis by artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence: Zyfra to Implement ‘Intelligent Mine’ Solution in India

March 16, 2020

Zyfra said Sunday it had won an order from Odisha-based Thriveni Earthmovers Private Ltd to implement an ‘intelligent mine’ solution at the state-run power generator NTPC’s Pakri Barwadih coal mining project in Jharkhand, India. The contract would form part of the firm’s broader plans to introduce its artificial intelligence solutions in the Indian mining industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Now AI Could Unlock Secrets From 2,500-Year Old Iranian Tablets

March 13, 2020

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s DeepScribe project have deployed machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to decipher thousands of clay tablets dating back to the ancient Iranian Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC).

Artificial Intelligence: IBM’s Debater AI Technology Set for Commercialization

March 12, 2020

IBM Research’s Project Debater, the only AI system capable of debating humans on complex topics, will soon help businesses to better utilize language and text-based data. The Debater technology enabled a computer to read up documents and articles and enter a debate with a human being. IBM (NYSE: IBM) will soon commercialize this AI-powered technology through its products such as Watson NLP, Watson Knowledge Studio, and Watson Discovery.

Artificial Intelligence: Chinese Economy Getting Back on Its Feet Say AI and Big Data

March 11, 2020

The AI Moonshot Team at China’s WeBank, a private Chinese online banking company founded by TenCent, combined big data and AI to check on the impact of the coronavirus in Chinese manufacturing. They innovatively processed satellite, GPS and social media data and found that the Chinese economy may be getting back on its feet after the coronavirus disaster.