Insightful interviews and discussions with leading portfolio managers, investors and entrepreneurs from the world of alternative investments.

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Private Money Lending – Zinc Income Fund – w/Todd Pigott

November 15, 2021

Listen to Todd, founder and owner of Zinc Income Fund, a specialty lender in the residential rehab and resale business.  These securitized loans are  of less than 2 years duration, and pay Zinc’s investors monthly payouts. In a day of record low interest rates this strategy has a strong track record of above market payouts…


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The Wealth Research Institute

October 8, 2015

Lou Petrossi, author and investment researcher, explains his approach to investment success in long term investing and in Private Equity investing.  He discusses “Late Stage” Private Equity investing for the small investor and the way to approach it.  He believes heavily in asset allocation and a disciplined approach to investing and discusses his personal asset allocation…

Sumary of interviews with Sprott Global and Wealth Research Institute

October 8, 2015

Here is the short summary of the interviews with Sprott Global and Wealth Research Institute.

ADISA – The Alternative Direct Investment Securities Assoc

October 6, 2015

John Harrison, the Executive Director of ADISA, tells about their association and the coming conference in Las Vegas.  Strategic Investor Radio will be broadcasting from the conference.  ADISA is a national trade association of decision makers that influence over 30,000 professionals who offer and manage alternative direct investments. These typically include non-traded REITs, real estate…

FairCap Partners

October 1, 2015

James Song is on a mission.  He and his firm, FairCap Partners, has quite a story.  He was a medical researcher from Harvard who went to London for research and took the road to managing a Hedge Fund focused on Bio Tech research.  His connection with an orphanage in Myanmar (formerly Burma) led him to…

TrimTabs Investment Research

October 1, 2015

Charles Biderman, founder and CEO of TrimTabs, has developed a   proprietary investment strategy based upon investor behavior and supply and demand between buyers and sellers in the U.S. stock market, using 21 factors in evaluating market movements.  This strategy is used by dozens of Hedge Funds and many large institutions, and is now available to…

Buy gold and Silver Safely

October 1, 2015

Doug Eberhardt, founder and owner of “Buy Gold and Silver Safely,” discusses how an investor can purchase gold and silver in a cost-effective way.  Investors can often pay substantial fees and charges in such purchases, and Doug’s insights are very helpful in this regard.  This interview is for any investor who wants to have an…

AlphaCore Capital

October 1, 2015

Dick Pfister, founder and CEO, provides a compelling story re: opportunities in investment strategies that are non-mainstream.  These strategies are often called “Alternatives” and are available thru a variety of asset managers with their own unique strategy.  AlphaCore specializes in  these “Alternative” investment strategies, managed by independent asset managers.  Anyone with an IRA or other…

Wealth Empire

September 17, 2015

Ross Givens offers his insight for stock selection based upon the “13-F Filing” of Hedge Funds, which show the positions in which these Hedge Funds are invested.  This approach allows investors to participate in the same trades and investments that these Hedge Funds use.  He publishes a report and daily blog, focusing on about 25…

Summary of Interviews with National Retail Properties and Turk Capital

September 15, 2015

This is a summary of these two interviews.  Both are very interesting.

Turk Capital

September 15, 2015

Turk Capital is a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  Their investment strategy is based completely on signals provided by Trimtabs Investment Research, who have a proprietary investment strategy based upon investor behavior and supply and demand between buyers and sellers in the U.S. stock market, using 21 factors in evaluating…

National Retail Properties (NNN)

September 15, 2015

Chris Barry, VP of Corporate Communications for National Retail Properties, a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).  NRP’s business model is to purchase stand alone, single occupancy retail stores and charge the occupant on a “Triple Net Lease” basis.  They own over 2000 properties in 47 states and are all cash buyers of these…

Swiss Infinity Global

August 19, 2015

Natalie Caldalari discusses Swiss Infinity Global’s role in benefiting U.S. investors by holding their investments in Switzerland and investing globally from a Swiss perspective.

Investors Alley – Tim Plaehn

August 12, 2015

Listen to Tim Plaehn, editor of two newsletters – The Dividend Hunter and 30 Day Dividends – Tim is a longtime investor and investment analyst, and focuses on High Yield positions, looking typically at those designed for higher yield – REIT’s, Business Development Companies, Master Limited Partnerships, Closed End Funds, etc.  These are investments designed…


August 7, 2015

Listen to Rocky Emery discuss this unique way for the small, retail investor to invest in Hedge Funds.  Typically, Hedge Funds  seek to protect investments through various techniques  that are unavailable in mutual funds and ETF’s.  Hedge Funds have grown in popularity significantly, however they  have been available only to large institutions and wealthy private…

Money Masters Stock Report and Greenwich Wealth Management

August 7, 2015

Vahan Jangigian has an impressive and long background in the world of finance – A PhD in Finance, Chartered Financial Analyst, several faculty positions in academia, editor of the investment newsletter Forbes Special Situation Survey for many years, author of the book “Even Buffet isn’t Perfect” – After many years of a strong investment track…

Fig Tree Capital Ventures

August 5, 2015

Listen to Ryan Wright tell about Fig Tree’s lease purchase ventures in oil leasing.  By aligning themselves with top tier public drillers, they buy non- operating lease holds, primarily in North Dakota,  generating cash flow from the oil drilling, plus the potential capital gain resulting from the value of the leasehold.  Like all oil exploration…

Summary of Vision Capital Management and Impact Investing of Texas

July 27, 2015

Here is a short summary of these two interviews.

Impact Investing of Texas

July 27, 2015

John Majalca entered residential real estate in San Antonio, TX in 2001 and developed a unique and productive model  for residential real estate investing in San Antonio that he has continued since that time.  He does fifty to one hundred property deals a year and has investors from throughout the country.  Anyone interested in  residential…

Vision Capital Management

July 27, 2015

Dario Michalek is a Commodities Trader, focused on pattern recognition and trend following in commodities, currencies, equities and other markets, all thru the Futures markets.  He uses leverage and seeks to take advantage of directional moves of markets.  They can be either “Long” or “Short” in their positions and offer broad diversification from the typical…

Investors Alley – Bret Jensen

July 22, 2015

The writer of four different newsletters, Bret Jensen is a longtime investor, former Hedge Fund Manager and writer for SeekingAlpha.com and other sites.  Listen to how he evaluates and selects stocks, on a “Bottoms-up” basis, for Small Cap, Blue Chip, Turnaround and Biotech gems.  Bret writes for Investors Alley.  Listen to his take on how…

Summary of Dynasty Wealth and Dr. Mark Skousen Interveiws

July 22, 2015

This is a summary of these two interviews.

Dr. Mark Skousen

July 22, 2015

Dr. Mark Skousen, Chair of Management at the Mark Skousen School of Business at Grantham University in New York, Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, author of twenty-five books on economic issues, thirty-five year publisher of his flagship Newsletter – Forecasts and Strategies –  and now three additional investment newsletters,  investment analyst and the owner and…

Dynasty Wealth Investing

July 22, 2015

Michael Markowski, longtime stock analyst, researcher and part time financial columnist, discusses his “Social Community Investing” system.  By focusing on cash flow, he has developed his methodology for evaluating and determining the potential growth of emerging companies.  Recognizing the opportunities of particular pockets of the digital economy over the next few years  related to smart…

Turner Analytics and Turner Trends

July 20, 2015

Mike is a former software engineer and company owner who has applied his engineering skills to the world of finance.  He writes newsletters and is an investment manager who looks to read markets, recommend being in the market or in cash or short the market, and recommends specific stocks, all through very sophisticated market analytics….