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Futures Commodities Trading – Capital Trading Group – w/Nell Sloane

March 27, 2021

A 30 plus year veteran in the futures commodities trading arena, and Co-Founder of CTG, Nell tells us about the industry and opportunities of trading commodities in the futures markets.  With retail and institutional traders/investors, typically thru Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA’s), this is a less well known portion of the trading industry, and focuses on…


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NAAIM Conference – Jonathan Wallentine – Actuarial Management

June 15, 2015

Jonathan, an actuary who has worked in the past for large insurance companies designing financial products, discusses his presentation at the NAAIM Conference on the subject of his recently designed financial product that protects the investment on the downside while receiving a large portion of the growth on the upside.  

NAAIM Conference – Mike Dean – DFG Advisory

June 15, 2015

Mike discusses the importance of NAAIM, the benefits of active investment management and the particular strategy that he uses for his clients’ portfolios.  

NAAIM Conference – Michael Gayed – Pension Partners

June 15, 2015

Pension Partners was the First Place Winners of NAAIM’s Wagner award this year for their research and study on the signals provided by the performance comparison of Lumber vs. Gold.  He discusses their findings and the potential of this comparison in looking to determine when to be in and out of the U.S. Stock Market….

NAAIM Conference – John McClure – Profit Score

June 15, 2015

John discusses NAAIM and Profit Score’s methods of providing short term market signals to its clients.  

NAAIM Conference – Tyler Wood – Market Technicians Association

June 15, 2015

Tyler discusses the MTA and the role it plays in active investment management.

NAAIM Conference – Paul Schatz – Heritage Capital

June 15, 2015

Paul discusses the NAAIM Conference, his twelve proprietary strategies he has created for his clients’ portfolios, and the importance of active investment management.

McMillan Analysis Corp

June 11, 2015

Larry McMillian is the definitive voice for Options trading (Puts and Calls).  He wrote the book now considered by many to be the “Bible” of Options trading, writes several Newsletters concurrently and manages investors’ money, all using Options.  He reveals his current strategy for investing through options (primarily a “Selling Puts”  strategy).  Listen to this…

2 Minute Summary of McMillan Analysis Corp and The Great American Dividend Machine

June 11, 2015

Here is a 2 minute summary of the interviews with Larry McMillan and Bill Spetrino.

The Great American Dividend Machine

June 11, 2015

Bill Spetrino is an anomaly in the investment world.  He is a self-educated investor who has developed his own evaluation system to select stocks.  As a bottoms-up stock picker he tells his story of how he has made millions selecting the right stocks.  His book, The Great American Dividend Machine, tells his story and how…

Triton Pacific Investment Corp – Business Development Company

June 5, 2015

Craig Faggen, Managing Partner at Triton Pacific, explains their approach to Private Equity investing with comparatively  low minimums.  They look for private companies that they consider to be successful and want to grow, and they purchase all or a portion of such companies.  They have structured this  investment as a Business Development Company (a BDC). He discusses one of their holdings, a restaurant chain.  Private Equity investing…

2 Minute Summary of Stadion Money Management and Asbury Research

May 21, 2015

Listen to this 2 minute summary of Stadion Money Management and Asbury Research.

Asbury Research

May 21, 2015

John Kosar writes newsletters and commentaries.  John is a former floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and makes recommendations on various markets and indices.  He looks at a variety of data to determine where markets are today and where they are likely to head. He works to keep his subscribers’ assets protected while finding…

Stadion Money Management

May 21, 2015

Listen to this interview with Greg Morris of Stadion on their unique strategy in determining when to be invested and when to be in cash.  Unlike almost all mutual funds, which apply a “Buy & Hold” strategy,  Stadion uses proprietary methodologies to assess the trends of various markets, and makes market investment decisions accordingly.  Their…

2 Minute Summary of Silver Portal Capital and Newfound Research

May 18, 2015

Here is the 2 Minute Summary of the interviews with Silver Portal Capital and Newfound Research.

Newfound Research

May 18, 2015

Newfound Research has created ten strategies focused on risk management through quantitative analysis applying tactica, , rules based elements to asset allocation, using ETF’s.  They manage according to a risk adjusted momentum approach.  They basically determine when to be in and out of various markets and sectors.  Disclaimer – As of the date of this…

Silver Portal Capital

May 18, 2015

We talk with Jon Haahr, founder of Silver Portal Capital about real estate development investing.  They advise large developers on new projects and help to raise funds from large institutions.  Listen as Jon, who speaks to high level investor gatherings throughout the country, tell why he sees real estate as being in a prime position…

Altegris Investments and the Strategic Investment Conference in San Diego

April 21, 2015

This interview, with Matt Osborne of Altegris, focuses on the Altegris sponsored “Strategic Investment Conference” to be held from 29 April to 02 May at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.  This is the twelfth annual conference and is packed with an impressive array of speakers from the highest echelons of professional investing and…

2 Minute Summary of Closed End Fund Advisors and The Ultimate Wealth Report

April 16, 2015

Listen to this 2 minute summary of these two interviews.

The Ultimate Wealth Report

April 16, 2015

Sean Hyman’s newsletter provides individual stock recommendations based upon a “Value” investing style.  Listen as he explains his process in evaluating companies to select those he recommends to his subscribers.  Sean has been a guest on CNBC and other major business and finance shows.  Note that this interview is provided for educational purposes regarding the…

Closed End Funds Advisors

April 16, 2015

Closed End Funds are certainly not as known or as popular as mutual funds, but they can be a very productive investment, especially for those seeking yield, and are a worthy consideration for many investors.  John Cole Scott, second generation owner,  is their Portfolio Mgr and publishes the Closed End Fund Report.  CEF Advisors an…

2 Minute Summary of McAlvany Financial Group and Theta Research

April 16, 2015

Listen to this 2 minute Summary of these two interviews.

Theta Research

April 16, 2015

Theta Research measures, confirms and monitors the investment performance of third party asset managers and market signal providers for its subscribers.  Mike Posey describes this service, which identifies the investment managers, typically smaller, tactically oriented trend following strategists, and confirms their claimed investment performance through the use of third party statements.  This is a very…

McAlvany Financial Group

April 16, 2015

David McAlvany is a second generation financial advisor in Durango, Colorado who offers commentary on the markets that is well worth the listen.  He has his own market commentary published on a weekly podcast and offers some very interesting and serious views on the current financial environment.  The second half of the interview is especially…

Summary of Real Wealth Network and Anchor Capital

April 15, 2015

Listen to this 2 minute Summary of this day’s interviews.