Insightful interviews and discussions with leading portfolio managers, investors and entrepreneurs from the world of alternative investments.

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Credit Investing – Verdad Capital – w/Greg Obenshain

March 20, 2020

The credit markets receive far less attention than they should in the marketplace, given the amount of money that is invested there. With a strong background in Private Equity, Verdad has conducted a significant amount of research into what has made Private Equity so successful as an investment strategy, and have found much of the…


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Closed End Funds

December 29, 2014

Listen as our Host, Charley Wright, discusses the benefits and potential pitfalls of Closed End Funds.  Only a fraction of the size of the mutual funds industry, Closed End Funds offer unique opportunity, especially for those seeking consistent income generation.

Anchor Capital

December 29, 2014

Listen as we interview Eric Leake of Anchor Capital and discuss their unique methodology in their Long/Short Fixed Income investment strategy.  Very few fixed income investments offer the opportunity to determine when to be in and out of the Fixed Income marketplace.

401k Investment Selection

December 29, 2014

Every 401k plan participant has the same problem – Determining which mutual funds to select.  Listen to this approach, provided by the Host, Charley Wright, that discusses how to invest in those mutual funds moving in an uptrend and how to avoid those moving in a downtrend.  This is a unique and different way to…

Bryan Perry’s High Yield Investing

December 29, 2014

Listen to this interview with Bryan Perry re: his High Yield recommendations.  Bryan has been recommending high yield investments for many years and knows how to find those paying more than the marketplace.  Anyone looking for income or just high yield investments should listen to this one.  Disclosure: Partnervest holds some of the securities mentioned…

Summary of 11-14-2014 Interviews

December 29, 2014

Listen to this summary of this day’s interviews.

Summary of 11-07-2014 Interviews

December 29, 2014

Listen to this short summary of this day’s interviews.  It lasts 2 minutes.

Probabilities Fund

December 29, 2014

Listen to Joe Childrey, founder of the Probabilities Fund, in a very interesting interview about their most unusual mutual fund.  Their investment strategy is fascinating.  Re: their returns as stated in the interview: Although the information provided has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, the accuracy and completeness of such information and the…

Dynamic Portfolio Strategies

December 29, 2014

Listen as Charlie White of Dynamic Portfolio Strategies discusses their strategy of investing with the trend into a diversified portfolio of mutual funds or ETF’s.

Capital Management Group (CMG)

December 29, 2014

Listen to Steve Blumenthal of CMG explain their strategies that use Trend and Leadership Following to determine when to be in and out of certain markets.

uDirect IRA Services

December 29, 2014

Listen as Kaaren Hall, owner of uDirect IRA Services discusses the opportunity to Self-Direct IRA investments into a variety of qualifying investments.

Sterling Global Strategies

December 29, 2014

Listen as Mark Eicker of Sterling Global Strategies discusses their unique Trend Following/Momentum strategy using a diversified set of ETF’s 

Good Harbor Investments

December 11, 2014

Listen this week as Dave Armstrong from GOOD HARBOR INVESTMENTS discuss their unique investment strategy on Strategic Investor Radio heard locally on OC Talk Radio.net.