Digital Assets: Rising Crypto Adoption – Pornhub Expands Crypto Payment Options

September 3, 2020 | Digital Assets, News

Pornhub adds bitcoin and litecoin as payment methods for its Premium members.

Ad-supported Pornhub is the leading free adult video streaming website with over 12 million videos and over 130 million visitors a day.

On Tuesday, it announced via Twitter that it had started to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods. (

Founded in 2007, Pornhub today ranks #9 globally. However, rival Xvideos ranks #7 globally.

In a statistic that shows the breadth and scope of the adult video streaming industry, the website garnered 3 billion visits in July while Xvideos had 2.95 billion visits.

On cryptocurrencies, Pornhub has been gradually expanding its acceptable options over the years. In 2018 it introduced verge and tron cryptos.

It followed that up with onboarding Pumapay. In January, it started paying its models in tether after PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) blocked payments.


The adult streaming site saw a huge spike in searches for coronavirus-themed porn during March, according to TNW.

The searches peaked on March 5, when the site reported over 1.5 million searches for the term.

Move to shut down Pornhub

Meanwhile, anti-trafficking expert Laila Mickelwait’s “Traffickinghub” petition to shut down Pornhub for allegedly enabling and profiting from the sex trafficking and rape of women and children has surpassed two million signatures.

The movement also inspired protests in front of the company’s offices in Montreal, Canada, and Los Angeles, California.

“All it takes to upload content to Pornhub is an email address—no government-issued ID is required. Pornhub doesn’t bother to reliably verify the age or the consent of the millions featured in the videos it hosts and profits from. The site is set up for exploitation and is infested with videos of the real rape, trafficking, abuse, and exploitation of women and children. We have significant evidence and it is just the tip of the iceberg. It is arguably the largest public collection of sexual exploitation evidence in existence,” asserts Mickelwait in a statement. “Shut it down and lock them up.”

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