Digital Assets: The Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) From HashCash

Unique crypto CFIX will link to an inverse ETF and donate to charity.

HashCash Consultants are launching a new cryptocurrency, the Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) in a drive to battle the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. (Yahoo Finance)

The new crypto will launch on April 2 and trade on digital exchange PayBito, as well as other global exchanges.

Features of CFIX

The features of the new crypto are:

  • Paired with USDT (Tether) and built on a blockchain platform
  • Transparency, enhanced security, and immutability in trading and transaction records
  • Highly scalable
  • Real-time settlements in a matter of seconds
  • Lastly, assured regular publication of reserves data

An ETF backs the new crypto

The CFIX crypto is backed by an inverse ETF tracking the S&P500. Therefore, the value of this ETF falls or rises depending on whether the S&P500 rises or falls.

According to HashCash Consultants, this USP of the new virtual currency allows traders to earn profits even during a bear market plagued by the Coronavirus.

“The inception of CFIX was motivated by HashCash’s aim to provide financial aid to nonprofits and research organizations battling the COVID-19 crisis,” said Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants. “Also, the ETF backing incentivizes CFIX. This benefits not only the traders but enables us to raise more funds for all under impact from the  Novel Coronavirus. That is the ultimate goal of this initiative.”

Listing on PayBito Exchange

Further, CFIX will list on Paybito, an exchange run by HashCash Consultants, and claiming to have state-of-the-art infrastructure. As volumes on Paybito have grown steadily, it is now one of the leading U.S. crypto exchanges.

“PayBito has shown consistent growth in trading volume and has gained credibility among traders as one of the leading USA exchanges. So, when we decided to launch our brand new crypto CFIX, PayBito felt like just the right fit, giving CFIX good reliability and exposure,” commented Chowdhury.

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