Alternative Investments/AI: European Investors Believe AI Is A “Compelling Opportunity”

Professional European investors believe the potential of AI is transformative.

Exchange traded fund (ETF) sponsor WisdomTree commissioned a survey by Coredata Research of professional investors across Europe on thematic investing. The survey found that a vast majority of these investors considered artificial intelligence as the most compelling long-term thematic investment opportunity. (INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT)

Artificial intelligence and thematic investing

According to the survey, more than 70% of European professional investors consider AI as a highly compelling long-term thematic investment opportunity.

The believe that AI can transform industries, services, labour, and consumption. However, the technology is still only in its formative stages of adoption and application.

Other popular themes

The second most popular theme, about 60%, according to the survey, was Biotech. This is understandable because of the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine and accompanying research.

Cyber security, at 47%, was the third most fancied thematic investing option. It was triggered by the seemingly overnight transition to remote and home working as a result of the virus. Cyber security has suddenly assumed critical importance given the vast numbers of people working from home and outside the usually secure environment provided by the office technology and network.

Professional European investors also favored cloud computing.

Thematic investing earned solid returns during the pandemic

Ravi Azad, head of UK and Nordics, WisdomTree said: “Our research points to the growing popularity of thematic investing, which has benefitted from strong returns during the coronavirus pandemic. While AI, biotech and cyber security present compelling long-term opportunities, cloud computing has had a strong year as organisations have transitioned to the cloud quicker than experts anticipated. Once seen as a fad, thematics are becoming important building blocks in portfolio construction due to their long-term growth potential”.

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