Garry Kasparov on Artificial Intelligence: It Won’t Destroy Mankind

The chess grandmaster encourages cooperation, not desperation.

Garry Kasparov, the great chess grandmaster, said that AI won’t destroy, let alone replace, mankind. His comments came over the weekend in an interview with Gerry Baker of Fox Business.

“I’m really concerned about the doomsayers, all these doomsayers that are trying to terrorize our minds,” Kasparov said. “And maybe we should stop watching too many Hollywood movies because the future is for our making.”

Kasparov is the author of Deep Thinking:  Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins” about his experiences with machines.

Garry Kasparov on Artificial Intelligence

Garry Kasparov is one of the greatest chess players in history. But the world links his name to AI after his 1997 loss to IBM Computer “Deep Blue.” That moment is a historically important moment on the debate between the power of the human mind against a computer.

Today, Kasparov argues that AI won’t replace humans and lead to negative consequences. Instead, he believes that humans should focus on cooperation, not a competition, to harness the power of computing.

“My experience [is] fighting machines,” he said. “But now, I’m arguing that we have to work with machines, and [there are] the endless opportunities that will actually bring more benefits than problems, as it’s happened many times before.”

He argues that machines will help humans. He said that he doesn’t think that robots will replace jobs so much as help humans and their positions evolve.

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