Podcast: Garvin Jabush Discusses Sustainable Investing

Strategic Investor Radio Charley WrightGarvin Jabush and Jeremy Deems founded Green Alpha Advisors in 2007. Both men came from San Francisco-based Forward Funds, where they ran a “green” fund co-branded with the Sierra Club. That experience led them to develop a “more progressive” approach to environmental-impact investing that moved beyond “negative screening” of the “most objectionable” S&P 500 components. Today, Green Alpha runs four separately managed account strategies plus one mutual fund – the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) – which are modeled on what they see as the future, sustainable economy. Mr. Jabush sits down with host Charley Wright in this episode of Strategic Investor Radio.

garvin jabush esg investing
Garvin Jabush, Co-Founder of Green Alpha Advisors

When asked what keeps him up at night, Mr. Jabush says he doesn’t worry too much in terms of short-term market volatility. “We have long-term strategies, and we think that all the technologies and ideas and innovations – all the things we’re working on – are going to gain market share and therefore be great long-term investments.” But Jabush is concerned that, as a society, we aren’t making fast enough progress in regards to environmental sustainability. “We need to be working hard to de-carbonize the economy,” he says.

When asked to recommend a book on investing, Jabush takes a different approach. He recommends everyone read Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life by Harvard biologist Edwin Wilson. “It’s about his thesis that we need to manage Earth itself in order for our civilization to keep on enduring indefinitely.” That’s the true definition of sustainability.

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