Artificial Intelligence: HEGG, A New Vegan Egg Product From Singapore

Hegg Foods is a subsidiary of Hoow Foods, which uses AI for the development of food products.

Hoow Foods, a Singapore-based startup, has incorporated Hegg Foods, a plant-based subsidiary that will develop innovative and sustainable products using RE-GENESYS, Hoow Foods’ proprietary food & ingredient Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. (vegconomist)

Hegg Foods has launched HEGG, a healthy plant-based egg in a powdered form that has a longer shelf life and is very easy to use. It also has a nutritional profile that matches that of a traditional egg but is lower in fat and free of cholesterol.

Furthermore, HEGG is produced with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to real eggs and is free of growth hormones and antibiotics which many hatcheries and poultry farms are known to use.

RE-GENESYS platform

The RE-GENESYS platform develops new food products in record times through the use of ingredient informatics.

The machine learning-enabled platform analyzes existing products, changes their formulations to preserve or even improve their taste and texture, and modifies their nutritional profiles to create a healthier product.

The technology was also used to develop ten new products under the local heritage brand Killiney.

“We are constantly trying to challenge our RE-GENESYS platform to develop novel products, and we have succeeded in developing HEGG in a short period of time,” said Dr. Sherman Ho, Chief Technology Officer of Hoow Foods. “Leveraging RE-GENESYS along with our internal expertise has made HEGG a simple and easy-to-use product.”

Last year, the Singapore Food Agency awarded approximately US$29.3 million to nine urban farms using innovative technologies such as AI to boost the island nation’s local food production and food security.

CEO of Hoow Foods, Ow Yau Png said: “At Hegg Foods, we have strong ambitions to address our nation’s food security issue. Singaporeans consume more than 5 million eggs daily while we only produce less than 20% of this locally. With our locally-produced egg substitute, we hope to reduce this vulnerability and aim to achieve greater stability in the supply of food as part of this 30-by-30 goal.”

Hoow Foods

Hegg Foods parent company Hoow Foods was founded by four National University of Singapore (NUS) graduates.

Last month, it raised S$3 million in a pre-Series A round led by Farquhar VC and joined by Trive Ventures.

CEO of Hoow Foods, Ow Yau Png commented on HEGG: “With our novel product, we aim to not only be effective in western-style cuisines such as scrambled eggs and omelets but to focus and be as applicable to Asian-style cuisines as well.”

“We are sparing no efforts on our R&D endeavors to develop version(s) that could be widely used in all other cuisines and cooking styles. If done right, it would enable HEGG to be adopted throughout Asia. Our vision would be to make this world a healthy sustainable and more secured place.”

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