Artificial Intelligence: Israel Testing AI-Controlled Floating Solar Panels

The AI improves the tracking of the panels for better efficiency and reduction in the LCOE.

Israel’s Finance Ministry and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) said in a joint statement Sunday that they planned to test a floating solar system that would generate electricity by tracking the sun. According to the statement, XFloat, an Israeli company that developed the system, would jointly conduct the pilot trials with the Mekorot national water company. (XINHUANET)

“As part of the cooperation, Xfloat’s floating panels will be installed on Mekorot’s water reservoirs,” Shir Azaraf, a spokeswoman for the Finance Ministry, told Xinhua. “The electricity generated this way could be used by everybody, including industrial plants and home consumers, because the process is cheap and clean,” she added.

The Finance Ministry and IIA said the system had a high power generation capacity and could function even in extreme weather and climate changes.

XFloat System

According to the Xfloat website, an Intelligent Water Management system controls the water loads and pumps of the buoyancy array, for precise tilting and tracking.

Data collected from sensors throughout the array is channeled to a knowledge-based machine learning process for predictive PV performance and O&M.

The system is therefore able to optimize its performance by continuously learning from the data it acquires.

As a result, the array floats and tracks the sun in real time for maximizing the generation of energy. There are no motors or hydraulics.

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Image Source: XFloat

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