Artificial Intelligence: Israel’s Athena Battle System Will Use AI To Scope Targets

April 27, 2021 | Artificial Intelligence, News

Athena will be developed as a super-brain to conduct combat situations.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing Athena, an AI-enabled super-brain that will utilize high-powered sensors to guide tanks and automated vehicles in their reconnaissance of battlefields and location of enemy targets. (The Daily Telegraph)

Athena program

In a mock combat drill, the Athena AI was fitted inside Israeli Carmel tanks which were deployed on a battlefield. Hidden at various locations around the area were enemy fighters.

Athena could immediately detect these bad actors by using the data from its infrared and radar sensors. Immediately transmitted the data to the commanding officer and laid out a strategic “battle menu” that could be used to neutralize the enemy targets.

In future applications, Athena could be fitted onto robotic vehicles which could then patrol border fences and hunt down interlopers, if any.

“We are not very far from the basic level of getting an automatic awareness picture [of the battlefield],” said Colonel Eli Birenbaum, the head of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)’s military architecture department, to The Telegraph. “If you ask me [when it will happen], at the end of 2021, I think with 90% accuracy that the answer is positive.”

Israel’s military leadership is hoping to use AI systems such as Athena to sharpen the prowess of its armies by generating a tactical battle plan much more quickly than is possible through a manual and analytical process conducted by a human being.

Were Israel’s AI skills used in the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientist?

There have been persistent rumors that Israel assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, by using an AI-powered machine gun last year. The gun was said to be controlled via satellite.

However, Israel did not respond to these reports.

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